Bluehost vs Arvixe (2021): Can Arvixe Even Compete?

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

Both Bluehost and Arvixe are renowned hosting companies. Both of them offer good server performance, customer support and security precautions. Besides, there are differences that are noticed between Bluehost and Arvixe. Here are the detailed Bluehost vs Arvixe comparisons. You must check before buying any plan. 

Server Speed Test: Bluehost vs Arvixe

When testing comparisons between Bluehost vs Arvixe, the first thing is which hosting has a better server speed. Website owners can lose many clients because of lower response times. Bluehost is much quicker, but both Bluehost and Arvixe have nearly good load time.

410 ms395 ms

Server Uptime: Bluehost vs Arvixe 

Server downtime also results from network maintenance, technological failures, and installation. And, for a hosting site, regular server downtime results in a negative picture. Viewers may feel bored, and will no longer be interested in visiting that particular site. The approximate Up-time comparison between Bluehost vs Arvixe, both of them are good, but Bluehost is almost perfect, in my observation.


Server Locations: Bluehost vs Arvixe

The hosting reliability and server speed are largely dependent on the location of the server. The hosting companies have built their servers and data centers in various areas to deliver top-notch speed and quality service. The data centers also have Multihomed Network Access and data and server security protection.

Provo, Orem, Mumbai, London, Hongkong, ShanghaiDallas and Houston

Plans and Pricing: Bluehost vs Arvixe

The Hosting Providers’ main comparisons are their hosting packages. Various facilities can be offered by a hosting company, but clients first review their hosting plans. At different costs, both Bluehost and Arvixe offer different hosting plans. Let’s see the starting price of each plan for both providers.

Shared Hosting – $2.95/month 
WordPress Hosting – $2.95/month
WordPress Pro Hosting – $19.95/month 
eCommerce Hosting – $6.95/month 
VPS Hosting – $18.99/month
Dedicated Hosting – $79.99/month 
WordPress hosting – $7.00/month, 
VPS hosting – $47.30/month, 
Reseller hosting – $25.30/month, 
Dedicated hosting – $89.98/month, 
Business hosting – $27.50/month.

Domain Registration: Bluehost vs Arvixe

A separate but simple domain name is always obligatory before buying the hosting plans. The hosting companies suggest lots of unique extensions to the domain. Often, they also provide free domain registration. Their services also provide domain renewal and transition fees. It is easy to find a domain, as most providers allow a domain search tool. In addition, to protect your domain from spammers and identity theft, a domain security service is offered.

Bluehost hosting offers multiple domain extensions for registering domain names. The minimum value of a domain is $1.99/year. For canceling unauthorized transfers, it provides a Domain lock option. Additionally, some safety tools are offered to ensure domain security. 

On the other hand, Arvixe offers a free domain registration following some terms and policies. The service will continue until you pay for your web hosting plan. The domain configurations include unmetered Disk Space, unmetered Bandwidth etc. You need to pay for domain registration only if you want to buy the domain. Also, the renewal fees and transfer fees are added. The minimum domain registration fee is $9.95/year. 

Web Security: Bluehost vs Arvixe

Security is one of the main issues on the Internet now. If the hosting company does not take the appropriate steps to protect its server and data centers, the data of the customer will be exploited or a virus attack will occur. Both Bluehost and Arvixe take necessary steps for preventing virus attacks.

Bluehost ensures Two-Factor Authentication, Hosting Account Isolation, SPAM Protection, Virus Scanning, Free SSL. 

Arvixe is also aware of internet security for its customers. It provides 24/7 scanning of malware or spam attacks, auto spam removal. Database scanning etc. Moreover, Arvixe is always ready with data safety and protection precautions. 

Data Backups: Bluehost vs Arvixe

To keep data safe and private, external storage for saving data is required. As there is a risk of data loss because of hacking and unwanted clicks, you might need these data in the future. So, for avoiding such problems, many hosting companies offer extra storage for backup or they suggest keeping data manually in a personal server. Some apply charges for providing backup features while some are not. 

In Bluehost hosting, there are daily, weekly, or monthly backup policies. Site Backup Pro and Restore tools are used to back up the data at any time. Like some other providers, Bluehost applies charges for extra backup. 

Arvixe is always ready to keep the privacy of data. It offers daily and weekly backup for PersonalClass and Reseller Class accounts. Moreover, you will also get the hourly, daily and weekly backup service for Business Class and Ecommerce Class. The restoration is easy whenever you need it. 

Money-Back Guarantee: Bluehost vs Arvixe

You may not like the service of your current hosting company or you have better plans for your site. Then you need to cancel your service immediately. To sort out the problem, most of the hosting providers have adopted a money refund policy. There are certain terms and policies introduced from the hosting companies while service cancelation.

Bluehost offers a 30-day money refund policy for its customers. It has flexible refund plans, but the third-party tool’s charges are not refundable.  

Arvixe also offers a flexible money refund policy of 45 days for Shared, Reseller and VPS hosting packages. If you face any problem, after purchasing the hosting plan from Arvixe, you will get a full money refund without asking any questions.  Arvixe does not refund for Dedicated Servers, Administrative fees, install fees for custom software, domain name purchases, or other add-on products or services.

Customer Support: Bluehost vs Arvixe

Often clients face problems with the hosting when managing their websites. Also, the hosting companies are aware of their quality and customer satisfaction and are always respectful of them. As a result, they provide an immediate response team to tackle the problem.

For providing customer support, Bluehost has Knowledge Center, Live Chat, 24/7 phone, Ticket. Additionally, an FAQ section is on their site to find out the most possible solution. 

Arvixe’s customer support team has a great combination of knowledgeable staff, proactive and friendly behavior. You will get support through US-based phone, live chat, and email service. Support tickets can be found on the Arvixe help desk. Also, Arvixe posts various possible suggestions on its blogs for guiding the customers. 

cPanel Integrations: Bluehost vs Arvixe 

If you want to manage and monitor your website perfectly, you need a control panel. For the customers, a lot of hosting companies have conventional cPanel. It allows customers to do various tasks and they are done easily with some clicks. Many individuals may not have the extensive technical knowledge, so an easy to use cPanel is necessary.

Bluehost has a very sleek and user-friendly control panel. Its simple layout will allow you to set up your backup policy, monitor visitors etc just log in to the cPanel from any of the browsers. Moreover, you can easily check the emails and updates by clicking a single tip. Bluehost’s functionality is easier.

Similarly, Arvixe has a cPanel that helps to create, edit and even manage your website, set up email, track your hosting usage and contact support, etc. The dashboard is customizable which is easier to set up your website, MySql databases, FTP management. You can manage your site without having any prior knowledge. 

After analyzing Bluehost vs Arvixe comparisons, you can understand which one is ahead in the hosting industry. Based on the server performance and hosting plans and pricing, Bluehost has performed better than Arvixe. Though Arvixe could be better for medium-level website users. Now, you have to choose the perfect hosting according to your website configurations.

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