Bluehost vs FatCow (2021): Complete Comparison!

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

Both Bluehost and FatCow are renowned hosting providers. Both of them have many similarities in their customer services, refund policies, security, and privacy policies. Also, you will find many differences in their performances, hosting plans, or configurations. Are you confused between two hosting companies? Let’s check the comparisons of Bluehost vs FatCow in detail.   

Server Speed Test: Bluehost vs FatCow

The Higher Speed service allows more users to access the website. Thousands of customers will be frustrated due to the slower response time provided to the website. The server speed may differ, due to server locations and caching systems. Bluehost and FatCow both maintain load time reasonably well.

410 ms382 ms

Server Up-time: Bluehost vs FatCow

Maintenance of the network, technological errors and implementation contribute to server downtime. For a hosting site, excessive server downtime results in a negative impact. Viewers became bored and stopped visiting that particular site. I noticed an average up-time difference between Bluehost vs FatCow, and there is a gap between them. Bluehost is exceptionally well in this regard.


Server Locations: Bluehost vs FatCow

The hosting providers have set up their servers and data centers in different regions to ensure users will have the same loading speed and uptime. Despite this reality, several hosting companies decided to establish their data centers at various locations such as Asia, the United States and Europe. All providers ensure the verification and authentication of users when they visit their data centers. The data centers of Bluehost and FatCow are given below:

Provo, Orem, Mumbai, London, Hongkong, ShanghaiBoston, MA area

Plans and Pricing: Bluehost vs FatCow

A variety of hosting companies offer different hosting plans. The more unique the plan is, the more customers it receives. The plans vary by configurations, type of website, or facilities. Both Bluehost and FatCow offers multiple hosting plans for starters to industry level users. The price is almost the same, Bluehost is a little bit cheaper. Let’s compare the plans and starting price for both providers. 

Bluehost FatCow
Shared Hosting – $2.95/month
WordPress Hosting – $2.95/month
WordPress Pro Hosting – $19.95/month
VPS Hosting – $18.99/month
Dedicated Hosting – $79.99/month
eCommerce Hosting – $6.95/month
Special Introductory Rate – $4.08/month
WordPress Hosting – $3.75/month
VPS Hosting – $19.99/month
Dedicated Hosting – $119.99/month

Domain Registration: Bluehost vs FatCow

Most of the domain offers easy domain registration policy by applying the charge, though some offer for free following some terms and policies. A unique domain name is always important. The domain search tool, renewal fee, transfer fee all are included in the domain registration procedures. Maximum providers do not refund domain registration fees. Domain protection service is also included in this procedure.

The minimum domain registration fee for Bluehost hosting is $1.99/year. Domain lock service is provided for canceling unauthorized transfers. Renewal fees and other service fees are also included. 

FatCow offers 369 domain extensions for the customers. FatCow offers a minimum price for its domain is $1.99/year per year. You can find your domain in the Pre-registration,  Early access period procedures, General Availability procedure. The renewal price, domain fees are added with the domain registration plan. Domain privacy is ensured to protect your domain and domain info.

Security: Bluehost vs FatCow

In social media platforms now Internet security is a major concern. Therefore hosting companies take appropriate measures to safeguard their servers and data centers. On the online media spam or virus attacks are often heard on multiple platforms. Though, Bluehost and FatCow are always ready with their precautions in this regard. 

Bluehost offers Two-Factor Authentication, Hosting Account Isolation, SPAM Protection, Virus Scanning, Free SSL for providing security to its clients.

Here, FatCow has a skilled web security team for providing a 24/7 site scan. It helps to detect malware, spams and viruses, prevent the site from becoming blacklisted, removes vulnerabilities. You can use the SiteLock security plan at $3.99/month. 

Data Backups: Bluehost vs FatCow

Information security and transparency are crucial parts of the network. Due to technical issues or cyber-attacks, you can miss major files or data. Many of the providers permit free backup services, with some charging extra fees to provide additional backup facilities.

Bluehost hosting comes with daily, weekly, or monthly backup policies. It offers data backup by using the Site Backup Pro and Restore tool. The extra charge is applicable for using the backup tools. 

Similarly, FatCow also offers data backup policies to save and restore data when needed. The files, folders and  MySQL files can be stored by using FTP and Hosting data resources. All the folders will be downloaded in zip format. A site backup pro tool and Handy backup software are introduced for internal backup, which helps to manually download the website content or MySQL data and then restore it. The automated backup feature will be accelerated. 

Money-Back Guarantee: Bluehost vs FatCow

Many hosting organizations adopt money refund policies to boost their customer service. Often the providers are unable to guarantee consistent output in particular areas, or you might be getting a better hosting service from another firm. In this case, by following certain terms and regulations, a policy of refund is required. Most hosting companies only refund the hosting service costs instead of the setup and maintenance costs.

Bluehost offers a 30-day money refund policy for its customers. It is very flexible with the refund plans.  

In the same way, FatCow offers a 30-day money refund policy for the customers which is applicable for first-time customers. Contact with billing department through message or live chat agent. They will not ask you any questions about the refund. Though its refund policy does not include domain registrations or other add-on services and the non-refundable domain fee is $15. 

Customer Support: Bluehost vs FatCow

Customer support is still a necessary component of every industry. If you have simple confusions and questions, just ask them to make you clear. Again, you are having some problem or your site is not running properly or you want to adjust the hosting service, the customer support team is always there to help you reduce your trouble.

Bluehost offers Knowledgebase, Live Chat, 24/7 phone, Ticket support. An FAQ section is also provided on their site for better customer support. You can find out the possible and alternate solutions. 

FatCow has a friendly customer support team and the staffs are always ready to answer your question 24/7. You can reach them through telephone, live chat and online form submission. Its friendly and knowledgeable staff is waiting to hear from you, so do not hesitate to share your hosting issues with them. 

cPanel Integrations: Bluehost vs FatCow

A user-friendly control panel or dashboard is essential for perfect website management. While most hosting companies have conventional cPanels for their users, some providers have their own custom-built cPanel. A comfortable cPanel is crucial as some users do not have prior knowledge. Both Bluehost and FatCow has a userfriendly interface in their cPanels.

Bluehost offers a customizable and user-friendly cPanel for its customers. Just log in to the dashboard and customize the file manager option, language, and data backup of your site.  For further assistance, the Bluehost technical support team will help you while monitoring your site. Some guidelines and tutorials will also be provided. 

FatCow comes with an industry-standard control panel that offers different types of tools to help you create and edit a first-class website. The layout is user-friendly for customizing your website. Back up plans, security measures, customer traffic, etc can be selected with the cPanel. You should not worry If you do not have any advanced knowledge regarding control panels. 

After reviewing the Bluehost vs FatCow comparisons, You may notice Bluehost has fantastic server uptime, where FatCow’s performance is average in the market. In hosting plans and pricings, Bluehost is a little bit cheaper in WordPress, Shared, Dedicated and VPS hosting. Though both of the companies are doing exceptionally well in the hosting industry. Now, do not be late to make your choice.  

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