DreamHost Review (2021): Perfect Hosting or Nightmare?

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

DreamHost is one of the common WordPress hosting providers. They are providing hosting plans of over 1.5 million websites, blogs, and applications. Because of their transparency and excellent service, users always keep DreamHost in their list while thinking of buying a hosting plan. Moreover, it delivers services to 400k happy customers, spanning throughout more than 100 countries. For your better understanding, I am here to brief you on DreamHost review elaborately. If you are thinking of buying hosting from DreamHost, you can check this.

Complete DreamHost Review

Server Performance

One of the most important parts of the DreamHost review is its server responses. DreamHost has a great response time of 360 ms. So, your customers of the website can load the page quickly without any delay. This ultra-fast loading experience will ensure your stable connection with the website’s response time.

Server Up-time and Reliability

DreamHost has maintained a good reputation for maintaining almost perfect server uptime. DreamHost has an average uptime of 99.94%. The visitors of your website will be happy with the reliable uptime and they can access properly. If any interruption occurs, they will provide you extra facilities. 

Server Locations

The DreamHost hosting provider offers to host plans everywhere in the world. Though their head office is currently in the United States. Their DreamCompute data center is located at Ashburn in Virginia and DreamObjects is located in Irvine, California. Their CDN helps to distribute globally and the data centers have high-efficiency cooling and power-efficient processor infrastructure. 

Web Security

While checking the DreamHost review, you need to check its security policies of servers, data centers and user information. Like other hosting provider companies, DreamHost also takes many security measures for its customers. DreamHost ensures malware remover, free domain privacy, SSL or TLS certificate. With these security tools, they can scan the virus or scam attack instantly. DreamHost also provides http/2 support, industry-standard web application firewall, OpenResty web application firewall for its clients. For Domain privacy, they have a WHOIS domain privacy feature. They have a well-organized security team. So, you need not worry about the issues. 

Data Backups

In terms of Data backup, DreamHost ensures many services for its customers. They have many guidelines and articles for their clients so that the users can understand it properly. You can backup your data daily, weekly, or monthly. One of the ways of backup data is using the phpMyAdmin feature from the DreamHost panel and backup your MySQL databases. All the data will be downloaded in your account including users, mailboxes and databases in a .zip file. DreamHost also offers one-click backup, so that you can backup your account. Moreover, they provide data backup features via SSH. So, there is no chance to lose your data.  

Domain Registration

DreamHost offers an easy domain registration policy. They charge a lower amount of money while registering a domain. The price starts at $0.99. Sometimes, they will provide you suggestions such as using Domains Search Tool, Reserve Your Name, Keep it Concise on how your domain name. Moreover, DreamHost also offers subdomains with Shared, VPS, and Dedicated hosting. They make the domain registration and renewal system very easy. For managing your Domain, DreamHost has a simple DNS edit option and they will help you if you are stuck. A free WHOIS Domain Privacy is introduced for controlling your domain info.

Hosting Plans and Pricing

DreamHost hosting includes WordPress, Shared, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated plans with different configurations. The prices of WordPress hosting and Shared hosting is between $2.59/month to $4.95/month. VPS hosting price is little more, between $10.00/month to $80.00/month. Managed WordPress hosting plans price starts from $16.95/month. Dedicated server hosting pricing is between $149.00/month to $279.00/month.  Check the pricing and plans of which one is applicable for your business. Sometimes, special discounts are also provided for Dream host customers.

Refund Policy

DreamHost hosting is very much confident about their services. That’s why they are flexible enough in terms of refund policy. If you want to cancel DreamHost shared Web Hosting services within 97 days of the initial sign up, you will get the full money back with disablement for Terms of Service or Spam Policy violations problems. This is refundable only for credit card payments for shared web hosting. Moreover, Domain registrations, SSL certificates are non-refundable. Also, dedicated server payments are non-refundable. 

Customer Support

DreamHost has excellent 24//7 customer support. For providing you the solution they have a team of experts, knowledge base, discussion forum, system status and contact tech support. You will get the email, ticket-based support, as well as the online chat platform for seeking help. They reply to you within a minute. The customer support is very satisfactory. 

cPanel Integrations 

DreamHost has no traditional cPanel like other hosting provider companies. They have a custom-built panel to manage websites, databases, email, and billing. DreamHost panel allows you to do the tasks easily. Many of the DreamHost users review that DreamHost panel is much easier and user friendly than traditional cPanel. It runs on a separate server. Sometimes you can not import your data.then you have to manually upload on your Dreamhost panel. So, you can upload your website files and migrate MySQL databases without facing any problem. 

Extra Features

Apart from these features, DreamHost has an extra feature of no increase in the price. So, when your hosting plan comes to the deadline, you need to not worry about paying an extra charge. 

After checking the DreamHost review, you can understand which hosting plan is suitable for your website according to price and configuration. For more queries, knock them in their customer services or you can check the customer feedback. DreamHost is there for you with the best hosting plans. So, why are you waiting to purchase the plan?

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