FastComet vs Arvixe (2021): Head to Head Comparison!

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

FastComet vs Arvixe? Which one has good speed or which one is cheapest? These questions must come in your mind before buying hosting plans from them. Both of them are incredible in their performance and policies. But there are slight differences between them. Let’s check the detailed FastComet vs Arvixe comparisons. 

Server Speed Test: FastComet vs Arvixe

Due to server locations and caching systems, the server speed could change. Higher Speed gives more users access to the website. Thousands of users would be disappointed because of the slower response time that the website provides. Both FastComet and Arvixe hostings are showing almost the same server speed. 

180 ms395 ms

Server Uptime: FastComet vs Arvixe

Limited server resources and poor management often adversely affect server uptime. If the page takes more time to load the viewers may feel bored. Frequent instances of server downtime can lead to a bad impression. Both providers maintained at least 99.9% uptime in my assessment.


Server Locations: FastComet vs Arvixe

Servers and data centers are established in different territories by almost all of the hosting providers. Loading speed and uptime also depend on the area of the server. It maintains a high standard of quality service. Both FastComet and Arvixe providers maintain regulation and security of access when accessing their data centers. Some data centers are 24/7 monitored and advanced Cisco-certified technical support that helps to respond to any network problem instantly.

Chicago, Dallas, Newark, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Sydney, Singapore, Mumbai, TokyoDallas and Houston

Plans and Pricing: FastComet vs Arvixe

The individual hosting provider pops up with multiple hosting plans and configurations to grab the customer’s attention. The policy and configuration vary from primary to premium users. Price is also determined by the configuration of the hosting. Some hosting services provide annual plans and a few provide monthly hosting plans. Here is the difference between FastComet vs Arvixe minimum pricing of different plans.

Shared Hosting – $2.95/month
Cloud VPS Hosting – $35.97/month
Dedicated CPU Servers – $97.30/month
WordPress hosting – $7.00/month, 
VPS hosting – $47.30/month, 
Reseller hosting – $25.30/month, 
Dedicated hosting – $89.98/month, 
Business hosting – $27.50/month.

Domain Registration: FastComet vs Arvixe

Without a unique domain name, no one can buy any hosting plan. A specific domain helps to find out the website. Almost every hosting company offers domain registration and they have hundreds of extensions. Proper security measures, domain fee, renewal fee all are included on their site to get the clear knowledge about running a domain. Occasionally, some providers offer special discounts or free registration.   

FastComet offers domain registration for a lower yearly fee though it does not allow any free registration. The minimum price of a domain is $3.99/year. With the domain registration fee, you need to pay the renewal price or transfer price. Moreover, you will also get New Domain Extensions, Country Code Domain, and Second-Level Domains.

On the other hand, Arvixe offers a free domain name for life in particular terms and policies and the service will continue until you pay for your web hosting plan. After moving to another hosting company, you need to pay for the domain name. The domain configurations include unmetered Disk Space, unmetered Bandwidth. The domain registration fee is applicable if you want to buy only the domain. Also, the renewal fees and transfer fees are applicable. The domain registration fee starts from $9.95 USD/year. 

Security: FastComet vs Arvixe

There is always a risk of spam attacks on your site, as there are huge numbers of hackers surfing on the internet. To avoid this problem, most of the hosting providers are ready with advanced security protection tools. Almost all of them have an expert technical support team for monitoring the site 24/7. Both FastComet and Arvixe  are concerned about their customers’ security.  

FastComet has a CloudLinux dedicated virtual environment which will completely secure your account. It also provides you 2-factor authentication, account isolation, anti-spam mail protection, network security and prevents DNS and DDoS attacks, botnet attacks, malicious and other spam attacks.

Like other hosting providers, Arvixe is aware of internet security. It provides 24/7 scanning of malware or spam attacks, auto spam removal. Database scanning etc. Moreover, Arvixe is always ready with data safety and protection precautions. 

Data Backups: FastComet vs Arvixe

Data security and privacy are a big concern on the internet. Often there are chances of losing important data or files due to technological difficulties or spam attacks. Although some hosting providers still take payments, others provide free data backup policies.

FastComet comes with different data backup policies for its customers including daily, weekly, or monthly basis data backup policies. Also, it offers a backup plan with a cheap rate for you. This plan includes a policy to restore your data in 30 days.  

Arvixe is always ready to remove your worries while keeping the privacy of data. It offers daily and weekly backup for PersonalClass and Reseller Class accounts. Moreover, the hourly, daily and weekly backup service for Business Class and Ecommerce Class. If you want, you can regularly backup your data. Additionally, you can restore it whenever you need it. 

Money-Back Guarantee: FastComet vs Arvixe

You may have questions about your hosting providers service or you may be getting better coverage from another hosting company. You will have to cancel the deal immediately and purchase new plans. To resolve that, the hosting companies are offering refund policies to their customers.

FastComet has the most flexible money refund policy. It allows you a 45-days money-back guarantee. So, it shows the confidence in their performance that they provide. 

Arvixe also offers a flexible money refund policy of 45 days. If you face any problem, after purchasing the hosting plan from Arvixe, you will get a full money refund without asking any questions.  This money-back guarantee is only applicable for Shared, Reseller and VPS hosting packages. Arvixe does not refund for Dedicated Servers, Administrative fees, install fees for custom software, domain name purchases, or other add-on products or services.

Customer Support: FastComet vs Arvixe

No question the hosting companies serve their customers with industry-level service. They will have to offer professional customer service. While maintaining a website a user can accidentally face problems. Every hosting provider has a rapid response team to figure out the crisis.

FastComet has an outstanding customer support team. If you face any issue about hosting or you have confusion, you can just text them on their live chat platform. Apart from the live chat platform, ticket and video tutorials are also open to you. Its customer support team can resolve 83% issues in less than 15 minutes.

Arvixe’s customer support team has a great combination of knowledgeable staff, proactive and friendly behavior. It provides support through US-based phone, live chat, and email support. You can ask for support tickets on the Arvixe help desk. Also, Arvixe posts on blogs the useful answers and guides for the customers. 

cPanel Integrations: FastComet vs Arvixe

Users will have to do significant work on the dashboard to monitor and control the website after buying the hosting plan. So the customers need a simple and user-friendly control panel. Nowadays, most hosting firms introduce their cPanel for site management. Again some are not preferring a control panel rather suggest to use a traditional dashboard.   

FastComet’s cPanel is user-friendly and customizable. Its cPanel is multilingual and available in 29 different languages. You can manage, operate and optimize your website in just a few clicks from the cPanel. File manager and other 450 apps like WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, etc can be accessed in just a few clicks. 

Similarly, Arvixe has a user-friendly interface that helps to create, edit and even manage your website, set up email, track your hosting usage and contact support, etc. Moreover, the customizable cPanel makes it easier to set up your website, MySql databases, FTP management. cPanel also helps make backups of every file. You can manage your site without having any prior knowledge. 

After reviewing the FastComet vs Arvixe differences, you are now able to find out which one is better or perfect for your site. Though both have good customer service and user-friendly cPanel but based on performance FastComet is a little bit ahead. So do not be late to purchase the best hosting for your site.

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