FastComet vs HostGator (2021): Complete Comparison!

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

You may have confusion between FastComet and HostGator? Both are satisfying customer demands perfectly for years. They have some similarities in hosting plans, configurations, security and customer services.  To answer your queries, let’s check the differences between FastComet vs HostGator. 

Server Speed Test: FastComet vs HostGator

The primary feature you should note when comparing the FastComet and HostGator is which one has a better loading speed and user access to the website properly.  Server locations and Caching systems lead to slower response times which could result in a website owner losing a lot of customers. In my observation, I found both of the hosting providers have a difference in their server speed.

805 ms280 ms

Server Uptime: FastComet vs HostGator

Due to technical difficulties and installation issues, the server’s uptime can also be weakened. If the site takes more time to load, viewers may feel irritated. Frequent server downtimes can lead to a negative image. Here is an approximate up-time link that is almost the same between FastComet and HostGator.

Additionally, both FastComet and HostGator follow the credit back system for each hour of network downtime for the affected service. 


Server Locations: FastComet vs HostGator

The data centers and servers are built in different regions of the world for ensuring proper server performance, high-quality performance and uptime of the users. Keeping that in mind, different hosting providers set up their data centers. Moreover, each provider enforces access control when accessing their data centers. Most of the data centers are in Asia, Europe and US regions. 

Chicago, Dallas, Newark, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Sydney, Singapore, Mumbai, TokyoProvo, Utah, and Houston, Texas

Plans and Pricing: FastComet vs HostGator

Hosting plans and pricing will be the main part to evaluate when testing the variations in hosting services. Due to the configurations and services, the similarities differ among them. Comparing FastComet vs HostGator, both of them have different hosting plans with different configurations. FastComet and HostGator Hosting provide various hosting plans from beginner to premium level users.

Shared Hosting – $2.95/month
Cloud VPS Hosting – $35.97/month
Dedicated CPU Servers – $97.30/month
WordPress – $5.95/month
Shared Hosting Plan – $2.75/month 
Dedicated Plan – $89.98/month 
VPS Plan – $19.95/month 
Reseller Plan – $19.95/month

Domain Registration: FastComet vs HostGator

Before purchasing the hosting plans a domain name is always mandatory. The hosting companies are proposing lots of special domain names and extensions. Still, sometimes they offer free domain registration.

Though FastComet offers domain registration charging the lower yearly fee, it does not allow any free registration. You can buy a domain from FastComet $3.99/year. You also need to pay renewal price or transfer price. Moreover, you will also get New Domain Extensions, Country Code Domain, and Second-Level Domains from FastComet.

Hostgator does not offer free domain registration. You can buy a domain for 12, 24, or 36 months with hosting plans. The minimum domain registration fee is $12.95/year and you need to pay the renewal charge after 1 year. HostGator also offers additional facilities such as Domain Privacy Protection(Charge applicable), auto-renewal and simple domain transfer procedure. 

Security: FastComet vs HostGator

In the present day, spam or malware attacks are common Internet security problems. The hosting companies are always ready to take responsibility for the measures to protect your website, to backup your data and auto spam removal. And they’re always adequate to safeguard your site protections with a threat-defense team full of skilled staff. 

FastComet provides you 2-factor authentication, account isolation, anti-spam mail protection, network security and prevents DNS and DDoS attacks, botnet attacks, malicious and other spam attacks. Its CloudLinux dedicated virtual environment will completely secure your account.

Comparing the FastComet vs HostGator security measures, I found Hostgator has provided Sitelock website security, malware and spam protection. Its cloud-based solution, domain privacy and 24 hours monitoring team. So, the safeguards can detect and remove the attacks instantly and your data remains safe. 

Data Backups: FastComet vs HostGator

Data security and privacy are an integral component of the internet. Often there are chances of losing important data or files due to technical difficulties or spam attacks. While some hosting companies still receive charges, others provide free data backup policies. Both FastComet and HostGator offer various data backup plans and policies.

FastComet enables different data backup policies for its customers. It provides you daily, weekly, or monthly basis data backup policies. Also, there is a backup plan with a cheap rate available for you. Another data backup plan includes a policy to restore your data in 30 days.  

HostGator offers a little bit different data backup policy from others. Its backup service runs once in a week on a random day. Additionally, HostGator offers CodeGuard a third-party backup service to restore your data. It costs $2.00/month. You can backup your entire site, database files using CostGuard. 

Money-Back Guarantee: FastComet vs HostGator

You may have concerns about your hosting provider’s reliability, performance or you may be getting better support from another hosting company. You will have to cancel the plan immediately and switch to a new one. To counter this, the hosting companies give their customers refund policies.

The refund policy of FastComet is the most flexible one. FastComet will allow you to 45-days money money back guarantee. So you can test its performance and hosting plans. It shows the confidence in their performance that they provide. 

Like FastComet, HostGator also offers a 45 days money-back guarantee to its clients. Though the refund policy is applicable only for basic hosting plans. HostGator will not refund money for domain registration or other services.  

Customer Support: FastComet vs HostGator

Users often face problems with their hosting plans and the maintenance of their pages. The hosting firms are still respectful of their customer service and satisfaction and a quick response team is set for that. The professional customer service team is always ready with appropriate ideas, suggestions and urgent attempts to fix the problems.

FastComet has a great customer support team. If you face any issue about hosting or you have confusion, you can just text them on their live chat platform. Moreover, ticket and tutorial options are also open to you. Its customer support team can resolve 83% issues less than 15 minutes by providing  24/7/365 support. 

Hostgator has a friendly, knowledgeable and well-trained customer support team. Its most common types of support are Telephone and LiveChat platforms. For any issue related to hosting, its customer support team is always ready to help you out. 

cPanel Integrations: FastComet vs HostGator

For proper website management, a user-friendly control panel is required. Whereas most hosting companies give their users traditional cPanels, some providers have their own customized cPanel. It is important to have a convenient cPanel because some users do not have prior knowledge.

FastComet has a user-friendly and customizable cPanel. Its cPanel is available in 29 different languages. The cPanel allows you to manage, operate and optimize your website in just a few clicks. File manager and other 450 apps like WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, etc can be accessed in just a few clicks. 

HostGator has a standard cPanel that allows Password protected directories, Web-based file manager, Hotlink protection as well as  IP Deny Manager and Custom error pages. Forums, blogs and one-click installation support are also added. 

From the FastComet vs HostGator comparison, you may find the differences between them. If you want a faster response time, HostGator is much better. Considering other services, both are providing quite the same service.  Buy the best plan before making it late. 

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