FastComet vs iPage [2021]: Who Wins the Race!

Last Updated on March 5, 2021

With an extraordinary speed and customer friendly terms of services, fastComet and iPage has become a renowned hosting provider among the hosting users. You may be confused between both of the hosting providers. Let’s start checking the detailed FastComet vs iPage comparisons for getting a better overview regarding their features and policies. 

Server Speed Test: FastComet vs iPage

The primary feature of a hosting provider is its server speed. The speed mainly depends on the server location and caching system. The users may be disappointed with the slower response time. So, as an owner, you may lose many customers. Both FastComet and iPage have shown good server speed while FastComet did exceptionally well. 

180 ms340 ms

Server Uptime: FastComet vs iPage

The common factors of server downtime are system maintenance, technical glitches, and installation problems. And, for a hosting site, a negative image results from frequent server downtime. Viewers will feel bored, they will no longer be interested to visit the site. Both FastComet and iPage has pretty well and reliable server uptime. 


Server Locations: FastComet vs iPage

The hosting companies have their users in different parts of the world. To provide the best quality server performance, they set up servers and data centers. The data centers ensure perfect speed even power cut or internet connection issues by allocating backup resources. Moreover, the servers are highly secured and 24/7 monitored, so that outsiders should not enter. Here are the server locations of FastComet and iPage: 

Chicago, Dallas, Newark, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Sydney, Singapore, Mumbai, TokyoBoston and Burlington

Hosting Plans and Pricing: FastComet vs iPage

The core comparisons of the hosting companies are their packages of hosting. A hosting company provides various features, however, customers initially analyze their hosting plans. Both FastComet and iPage offer multiple hosting plans at different prices. For both providers, let’s see the starting price of each plan.

Shared Hosting – $2.95/month
Cloud VPS Hosting – $35.97/month
Dedicated CPU Servers – $97.30/month
Web Hosting – $1.99/month
WordPress Hosting – $3.75/month 
VPS Hosting – $19.99/month
Dedicated Hosting – $119.99/month

Domain Registration: FastComet vs iPage

While running a website, a unique domain name is mandatory. It helps to find the website easily. Some hosting companies offer free domain registration policy and some offer it by applying a charge. With a domain name, you will get DNS management, domain protection tool and an easy domain transfer policy too. Multiple types of popular domain extensions are provided to users for their websites. 

FastComet offers domain registration for a lower yearly fee. There is no free registration policy included. The starting price of a domain is $3.99/year. The transfer fee and renewal fees are also added with the domain registration policy. Additionally, you will also get New Domain Extensions, Country Code Domain, and Second-Level Domains.

iPage has provided the customers a free domain registration for a limited period as well as you need to buy a hosting plan for getting the free domain registration service. More than 300 domain extensions are available. iPage automatically renews the domain and keeps your domain from expiring. The charge is applicable for domain renewal. You will also get the domain protection service. 

Web Security: FastComet vs iPage

As the spammers and virus attacks are increasing on internet platforms, the hosting companies are taking many precautions to avoid it. They make a proactive security providing team, enhance advanced tools to remove DDoS attacks and vulnerabilities. Let’s check the security measures taken by FastComet and iPage. 

FastComet provides you 2-factor authentication, account isolation, anti-spam mail protection, network security and prevents DNS and DDoS attacks, botnet attacks, malicious and other spam attacks. Moreover, Its CloudLinux dedicated virtual environment will completely secure your account. As a result, the spams are automatically detected and removed by default.

Similarly, the iPage takes proper security precautions for securing your site. It offers online security Sitelock, Daily malware scan, Blacklist monitoring, automated bot attacks, DDoS Protection, Database scanning, Automatic malware removal etc. You need to use updated plugins, files, themes to prevent software vulnerabilities. The 24/7 monitoring will help to scan the spam attacks and remove them instantly. 

Data Backups: FastComet vs iPage

Security and data encryption are essential components of the network. There is always the possibility that sensitive data or files might be lost due to technical problems or cyberattacks. Although some hosting providers also allow fees, others have free data backup policies.

FastComet allows its clients to have multiple data backup policies. It offers data backup policies for you on a regular, weekly, or monthly basis. There is also a backup plan for you with a reduced price available. Additionally, you can restore the backup data within 30 days. 

iPage offers a data backup policy by charging  $1.14/month for Basic plan users and $2.09/month for Pro plan users. In order to secure websites, databases and retrieve individual files or records, the backup tool helps. The files can be downloaded and stored in .zip format. You can select a single file that you want to restore or an entire website with the iPage backup tool.

Money-Back Guarantee: FastComet vs iPage

While using a hosting plan, you may not get proper service or you want to move another plan which is convenient for your site. That time you have to cancel your plan immediately and you want back the advance money you paid for the current plan. Many hosting companies offer money-back guarantees and free trial periods to their customers. Both the hosting companies, fastComet and iPafge allow money-back guarantee to its customers. 

FastComet offers a flexible money refund policy. It allows a 45-days money-back guarantee. So you can test its performance and hosting plans. It shows the confidence in their performance that they provide. 

Comparing between FastComet vs iPage money-back guarantee, iPage allows a 30-day money-back guarantee without asking any question. The charge for the domain is not refundable as well as it is applicable for most add-on services.

Customer Support: FastComet vs iPage

Many customers face problems while using a hosting service. Then the customers need immediate help and suggestions to overcome the problems. To provide instant help and support, every hosting provider has a customer support team team. The team members are responsive and proactive enough and you can ask them questions 24/7. They are always ready to hear from you. 

FastComet has a responsive customer support team. If you face any issue about hosting or you have confusion, you can just text them on their live chat platform, submit your problem on the online tickets and look at tutorials available on their site. Its customer support team can resolve 83% of issues in less than 15 minutes by providing  24/7/365 support. 

Similarly, iPage also provides its customers with high-quality customer service. The 24/7 customer support team has always been prepared to assist you with your domain, hosting and online presence needs. The employees are professional and courteous to hear about your troubles. IPage provides emergency contact, live chat, knowledgebase, and online form submission to provide you with instant assistance. 

cPanel Integrations: FastComet vs iPage

While running a website, you need to manage its functions and settings also. Most of the hosting companies offer a customizable control panel or dashboard for managing websites. Though many users prefer cPanel, some companies allow their own control panel. Both FastComet and iPage have user-friendly and intuitive control panels. 

FastComet’s cPanel is personalized and user-friendly. The cPanel is available in 29 different languages and is multilingual. Using the cPanel, you can control, maintain and optimize your website. Just a few taps are required to access File Manager and other 450 apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, etc.

On the other hand, iPage does not have any traditional cPanel like other hosting providers. The cPanel is created in the WHM template. You will be given the option to construct a control panel by clicking on the Server Control Center icon. Follow some steps to create the dashboard. For a better review of the control panel, check Customer support service articles.

As you already read the detailed FastComet vs iPage review, you are getting a clear idea regarding their features and policies. If you are looking for good speed and affordable pricing, FastComet is a better option. Whether iPage offers better security and backup service to its customers. Check the configurations again to choose the better hosting plan for your site.

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