Flywheel Review (2021): Give Your Site Speedy Wheels!

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

Flywheel is one of the renowned hosting companies and provides managed WordPress hosting services since 2012. It is making web hosting and client management simple for designers maintaining a good load time and customer policy. If you are looking for easy web hosting plans, you can take a look at Flywheel review. The detailed review will help you to answer your queries. 

Complete Flywheel Review

Server Performance

Flywheel has shown a great server performance in recent months. I found its load speed in my last few observation on average 233 ms.   

Server Uptime and Reliability

An important feature of the Flywheel review is its server uptime and reliability. It guarantees to maintain an average server uptime of 99.9%. The extensive content delivery network and data centers of different regions ensure the reliable performance of the server 24/7. 

Server Locations

Flywheel has data centers in different regions across the world. No matter where are you living, you can create sites from North America, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the European Union areas. The places include Lowa, Montreal. London, Belgium, Sydney. These will help you to launch the websites close to your users. The server speed will remain perfect. Moreover, Flywheel maintains good security and back up resources for protecting data and deliver continuous performance. 

Hosting Plans and Pricing

One of the most important features of the Flywheel review is its hosting plans and pricing. Its plans are configured for at least one WordPress website users to above 30+ users. The price is set based on two keynote. If you want to pay month by month, it requires a little bit more money. For the yearly plans, you will get some discounts. Though the configurations and features will remain the same for both pricing policy. The minimum price of the plan is $15.00/month if you want to buy monthly packages and $13.00/month for the annual packages.

Domain Registration

Most of the hosting companies offer domain registration where Flywheel is different from others. It does not offer a domain registration policy. Considering your demand and price range Flywheel recommends two domain providers GoDaddy and Hover. Also, their support team is ready to answer your queries regarding domain issues though they are not offering domain registration. 

Refund Policy

You may not be satisfied with the Flywheel service and want to move to a better hosting plan. To sort out the problem, Flywheel allows money refund policy for its valuable customers. It allows 72 hours of purchasing or renewing for a monthly plan user and 30 days of money-back guarantee for an annual customer. Moreover, you can cancel your subscription at any time and your account will remain active until the next billing period. 

Web Security

In case of web security, Flywheel is using advanced tools to provide extraordinary facilities for securing websites. It uses multiple techniques such as intelligent malicious IP addresses blocking, proprietary caching ban, two-factor authentication, free malware removal etc. Its intelligent IP blocking feature ensures SSH access, removing spam attacks instantly and ban unwanted pages. So, your site will remain safe and no virus can do harm to your site.

Data Backups

Sometimes while making the changes in the site, some data or files may be lost or you want to go back to the previous theme or plugin settings. So, a backup option is required to do the tasks easily as well as perfectly. Flywheel provides a full backup of each site every night and stores those backups for 30 days. When you make significant changes to your site or install a new plugin or theme, you can manually backup these. Just restore your files or changes if anything goes wrong. 

Customer Support

While running your site, you may face problems with different issues. That time you need instant solutions and suggestions for solving the issue. So, Flywheel has a proactive customer support team for providing rapid help. You can contact them through live chat, logging into the account and click on “Get help”, online ticket, browsing on the help desk and emergency help support. The team is always ready to hear your queries.

cPanel Integrations

To control any website, an easily operated and organized control panel or dashboard is required. Flywheel does not provide any cPanel to its users because most of its services are managed and they built and design specifically for the needs of developers. As a result, Flywheel thinks using cPanel is unnecessary as they are providing you enough options and control. You will get Flywheel’s custom-built control panel.   

After checking the Flywheel review, you will understand which plan can meet your demands or you should move on to another hosting. You may have a question regarding its pricing as it is lil bit expensive than others. But Flywheel provides enterprise-level managed web hosting and makes things easier. Now, the choice is yours which you are going to prefer.  

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