GreenGeeks Review (2021): Really Environment Friendly?

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

GreenGeeks is a web hosting provider that hosts over 300,000 websites around the world. It was founded in 2008. With the above-average uptime and server performance, GreenGeeks offers various hosting plans and configurations for its valuable users. Let’s check the GreenGeeks review on its different features. 

Complete GreenGeeks Review

Server Performance

For providing a business-class service to the customers, GreenGeeks maintain amazing server performance. Its load time is 224 ms. So, your customers can load the page perfectly within a short time. When the number of viewers increases, you can switch to the different plans for maintaining the server performance. 

Server Up-time and Reliability

GreenGeeks is one of the reliable hosting providers because of maintaining almost perfect server uptime. Its server uptime is 99.9%. Their customer support team notifies during the downtime and they try to provide service for fixing the problem. With optimal uptime, your website users can access the site easily smoothly.

Server Locations

GreenGeeks has data centers in various locations including Chicago, Phoenix, Montreal and Amsterdam. The data centers are reliable and have a powerful infrastructure. GreenGeek’s authority claimed that all of their servers are housed inside a state-of-the-art datacenter facility. The servers are maintaining 24/7 security, climate control, fire suppression systems, water detection systems etc. Biometric and key card security system are also included. 

Web Security

To keep your site and protected from virus attack, GreekGeeks is always concerned about the privacy. Their technical support team developed a wide range of cleaning methods to fix and successfully resolve 99% of the most common types of infections. They continuously update tools to prevent malware and spam attacks. GreenGeeks team also recommends removing unused installations of scripts, themes or plugins, and old kinds of stuff.  They provide documentation, Q&A’s and arrange Webinars for the customers. 

Data Backups

If you are concerned about data backup, GreenGeeks will offer you different types of data backup policies. It offers to backup your data daily and you will be provided SSH access. You can use your cPanel backup tool If your account size is under 10 GB. though the GreenGeeks recommend their customers to use the FileZilla FTP program to backup your overall website files. You can also backup your mail by downloading the mail directory.

Domain Registration

GreenGeeks offers dozens and dozens of different domain extensions for its customers. Though base on some terms, you can register or transfer your domain name free of charge. If you are thinking of opening a hosting account, then you will get one free domain name. For multiple domain registrations, you need to pay the yearly charge. Moreover, GreenGeeks also follows the easy domain transfer procedure. After purchasing or transferring the domain the renewal price and ID protection charges are applied.  

Hosting Plans and Pricing

As you already know, GreenGeeks provides Web hosting, WordPress, Reseller, and VPS hosting plans. Each of the plans has different packages for the starter to premium users. Web Hosting and WordPress hosting price are from $2.95/mo to $11.95/mo. VPS hosting plan price starts from $39.95/mo and the premium plan price is $109.95/mo. The reseller plan price is between $19.95/mo to $34.95/mo. 

Refund Policy

Like many other hosting providers, GreekGeeks also provides refund policies for its customers. If you are not satisfied with their performance or you are thinking to change the plan, you will get a full money refund less any setup fees, and domain registration or transfer 30 days without asking any question. Though you will own the domain. If you do not pay the bill, your account will be suspended within four days and an extra charge may need to reactivate it. 

Customer Support

While checking the GreenGeeks review, you must know their customer support policies.  You will be very happy with its customer support. For helping the customers instantly, GreenGeeks has a hotline number, 24/7 live chat option, blog. If you face any problem, you just knock them and they will fix it within a short time. On the phone, they normally use a native English language. So, you can understand it properly. Overall, customers are satisfied with GreenGeeks’ support. 

cPanel Integrations 

For managing your website properly, GreenGeeks offers an easy to use cPanel. You will find a  File manager in the cPanel and all the necessary tools are there to manage your website. You do not require any technical knowledge to operate the cPanel. After enabling the cPanel you must check the settings options and privacy of your website and data backup. Complete all the necessary steps to set your website. Though you can use the FTP program also. 

From the detailed GreenGeeks review, you are now able to choose which one will be preferable for you. GreekGeeks is an eco-friendly green web hosting provider that consumes the grid in the form of renewable energy. 

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