GreenGeeks vs Bluehost (2021): Even Comparable?

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

Both GreenGeeks and Bluehost hosting providers are renowned and reliable to the customers.  There are some features that make them different from each other.  Again, both of them are transparent regarding their plans, privacy, security, consumer policies. While checking the comparisons of GreenGeeks vs Bluehost, you will find some major and slight differences. Let’s check GreenGeeks vs Bluehost comparisons elaborately based on their features, plans and pricing.

Server Speed Test: GreenGeeks vs Bluehost

When comparing the GreenGeeks vs Bluehost, the main highlight you should notice is which one has an effective server speed. The reduced response time could cause a website owner to lose a lot of customers. In my recent checking, both GreenGeeks and Bluehost have done exceptionally well on the server speed. 

856 ms410 ms

Server Up-time: GreenGeeks vs Bluehost

Sometimes tech glitches on the server and maintenance disrupt uptime on the server. If the site takes more time to load the viewers could perhaps feel bored. Frequent server downtime can lead to a negative image. After my observation, I found pretty much perfect server uptime for both GreenGeeks and Bluehost.


Server Locations: GreenGeeks vs Bluehost

The hosting providers have established their servers and data centers in different regions. Loading speed and uptime for the server mainly depend on the area of the server. It ensures quality service with superb frequency. All providers maintain security and user authentication while entering their data centers. Both  GreenGeeks and Bluehost have servers in different regions including Asia, Europe, USA. 

Chicago, Phoenix, Montreal and AmsterdamProvo, Orem, Mumbai, London, Hongkong, Shanghai

Hosting Plans and Pricing: GreenGeeks vs Bluehost

While comparing the GreenGeeks vs Bluehost hosting plans, you will find basic differences between them. Each of the plans has different packages for small website users to premium users. If you find the configuration and plans almost the same in every hosting provider, you may find the difference in their pricing. 

GreenGeeks Bluehost
Web Hosting – $2.95/month
WordPress Hosting – $2.95/month 
VPS Hosting – $39.95/mo 
Reseller Plan – $19.95/month 
Shared Hosting – $2.95/month 
WordPress Pro Hosting – $19.95/month 
Shared Web Hosting – $2.95/month 
VPS Hosting – $18.99/month 
Dedicated Hosting – $79.99/month

Domain Registration: GreenGeeks vs Bluehost

A perfect domain name is essential while buying the hosting plans. You can select your own domain name or the hosting providers suggest some unique names. Occasionally, they offer free domain registration also.

Though GreenGeeks sometimes offers free domain registration following terms and policies, you need to pay a yearly charge for getting the regular domain name. It also helps to transfer domain easily. You need to pay the charge for multiple domain registrations, renewal price and ID protection charges. 

On the contrary, Bluehost offers a domain registration fee of $1.99/yr to $12.99/yr. If you want to cancel unauthorized transfers, it provides a Domain lock option. 

Security: GreenGeeks vs Bluehost

Nowadays web security is a major concern on online platforms. The customers’ complaint to the hosting providers about their data is hacked or the site may get virus attacks. As a result, hosting companies are also taking the essential steps to protect their servers and data centers.

The web security team of GreenGeeks frequently suggests its clients remove unused installations of scripts, themes or plugins and old stuff. They provide clients with reports, Q&A’s and scheduled webinars.

Similarly, Bluehost offers Two-Factor Authentication, Hosting Account Isolation, SPAM Protection, Virus Scanning, Free SSL for providing security to its clients.

Data Backups: GreenGeeks vs Bluehost

Data security and privacy are an essential aspect of the internet. There is always the possibility that important data or files may be lost due to technical issues or cyber threats. Although some hosting services still take payments, others provide free data backup policies.

Though GreenGeeks has daily or weekly data backup policies with SSH access, it also suggests to its clients to use the FileZilla FTP software to back up the website files itself. You can also encrypt your mail by installing the mail directory. 

Bluehost hosting comes with daily, weekly, or monthly backup policies. It offers data backup by using the Site Backup Pro and Restore tool. Though, Bluehost takes charges from its clients for providing extra backup services. 

Money-Back Guarantee: GreenGeeks vs Bluehost

Nearly all the hosting companies maintain a policy of refunding their customers. You may want to move to a better plan or you may face problems with speed and other problems. And you need to immediately alter your hosting. To help their valued customers, both GreenGeeks and Bluehost hosting follow a flexible refund policy.

Both GreenGeeks and Bluehost have flexible refund plans and both of them offer 30 days refunds without asking any questions. Though you will own the domain. In the same way,  GreenGeeks and Bluehost may not refund your domain registration fee, set up fee or transfer fee.

Customer Support: GreenGeeks vs Bluehost

Users often face problems with their hosting and the maintenance of their pages. The hosting companies are also conscious of their customer service and satisfaction. For resolving the problem, the hosting firms provide an instant response team.

GreenGeeks offers Ticket Support, Email Support, Live Chat, Hotline contact support to its clients 24/7. 

On the other hand, Bluehost offers Knowledgebase, Live Chat, 24/7 phone, Ticket support. An FAQ section is also provided on their site for finding out the possible and alternate solutions to each problem. 

cPanel Integrations: GreenGeeks vs Bluehost

For monitoring your site, a user-friendly control panel or dashboard is required Most hosting companies provide their users with conventional cPanel. Since many people may not have prior tech knowledge, an easy-to-use cPanel is necessary.

GreenGeeks has a user friendly interface in its cPanel. You can monitor and set every feature or tools of your site accessing the settings option. You can also set the privacy and backup policy from the cPanel. 

Bluehost has an outstanding and user-friendly control panel. With a single tap, you can log in to the page and check the emails and updates. Comparing both GreenGeeks vs Bluehost reviews, Bluehost has an easier dashboard to control. 

After comparing GreenGeeks vs Bluehost, you will know the basic differences between them. Check the user ratings, recent plans, configurations and their prices. Both of them have lower price plans, Bluehost offers more plans than GreenGeeks. Again, GreenGeeks has a better domain registration policy than Bluehost. Most importantly, both provide good privacy and backup services. So do not be late to purchase the best one for you. 

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