Hawk Host Review (2021): Seems to be a Good Deal!

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

If you want to start your own site for blogging or business, Hawk Host might be worth checking out. It is one of the renowned hosting providers for more than 15 years! With an average server uptime, customer-friendly terms and policies, and fantastic security precautions able to catch the customer’s eyes. Do not know much about its hosting plans and configurations? Let’s check the Hawk Host review for finding out your queries. 

Complete Hawk Host Review

Server Performance

Hawk Host has pretty well server performance. Its average load time is 203ms. The load time may vary according to your server location or installation issues. 

Server Up-time and Reliability

One of the important facts of the Hawk Host review is its server uptime guarantee and reliability. Though it managed to provide 99.9%. So, you can rely on the server performance of  Hawk Host. 

Server Locations

Hawk Host has a good reputation for providing good server performance to customers across the world. To ensure the best performance it established the data centers in 7 locations worldwide. The locations include Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong and Toronto. Tier 1 and Tier 2 Power transit are provided for optimal network connectivity. Cisco, Juniper network hardware, UPS battery backups and Diesel generators are enhanced for an extended period of backup and power supply. Outsiders are not allowed for providing extra safety.

Hosting Plans and Pricing

Hawk Host offers various hosting plans including Shared, Reseller, VPS, Cloud etc. Every plan has different configurations of huge disk space, bandwidth, databases, domains, CPU cores, RAM and storage. Also, there are different levels of plans for all types of users such as starter to premium user. The pricing differs because of configurations and plans. The minimum pricing of different plans are given below: 

Shared Hosting: $1.50/month
Reseller Hosting: $6.50/month
Semi-Dedicated Hosting: $8.00/month
Cloud Hosting: $5.00/month
VPS Hosting: $5.00/month

Domain Registration

Hawk Host offers both new domain registration and domain transfer for the customers. It also provides many renowned domain extensions like .com, .xyz, .org and much more.  The starting price of the domain is $10.95 USD. Hawk Host has a search tool for the customers to check the domain name exists or not.  The domain protection facility is also included in the domain service. Renewal charge and transfer charge applies for every domain extensions. 

Refund Policy

Like many other hosting providers, Hawk Host also offers the money refund policy considering some terms and policies. Hawk Host offers a 30 days money-back guarantee without asking any questions. The offer is eligible for Shared, Reseller and Semi-dedicated and VPS services. Also, the refund is applicable if and only if you are not engaged with any terms and policy violations. 

Web Security

Another feature of Hawk Host review is its web security policy. Hawk Host is always ready to protect the sites with proper precautions. It offers an advanced firewall,  defending against brute force attacks, DoS attacks, port scans, Smart intrusion detection system etc. malware scanning and auto removal are also added with the web security measures. Moreover, hawk host is going to launch Intelligent web application sandboxing for increasing security on internet platforms more efficiently. 

Data Backups

There is always a chance of missing data on the internet because of various spam attacks. Hawk Host offers a software-based data backup policy for valuable customers. It recommends using Acronis backup software that allows 7 days backup with a rolling snapshot in your account. You can back up your files, e-mails, and databases. Moreover, You can restore the single file, database, or full account. For this, you need to log into your cPanel account and simply select the “Acronis” option. So, you do not need to worry about data backup or restore functions. 

Customer Support

To provide instant and rapid solutions to different problems, Hawk Host has a friendly customer support team. It offers social media accounts, blogs, discussion forums, contact support, knowledgebase, help desk, and forums. Though live chat is a common platform for seeking help, Hawk Host does not allow any live chat platform for customer support. 

cPanel Integrations 

Another important part of Hawk Host is its cPanel integration. It is commonly used for site management. Hawk Host offers a user-friendly cPanel for all the hosting plan users. Though experienced or reseller hosting users find the layout easy because of its customizable dashboard settings. Many customers like multilingual cPanel. You may feel comfortable with its tools if you have no prior knowledge also. The control panel looks relatively well designed and will satisfy most customers.

From the Hawk Host review, you can get a detailed overview of its plans, pricing and different terms. For more information, you should visit its site, check consumer feedback, ratings. If you decided to open your own blog site, Hawk Host starter plans are preferable. Recheck the domain and hosting configurations before buying. Build your website with super fast hosting!

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