HostArmada Review in 2021: The New King?

Last Updated on January 1, 2021

HostArmada is one of the newest web hosting providers. It was established in 2019! It has maintained a good and reliable hosting performance. Before purchasing its plans, don’t forget to check the detailed oriented HostArmada review! 

Complete HostArmada review

Server Performance

One of the important features of the HostArmada review is its server performance and load speed. HostArmada has a good load speed of 175 ms. 

Server Uptime and Reliability

Another major feature of HostArmada review is its server uptime and reliability. HostArmada is always providing a reliable server performance and its uptime does not go below 99.9%! so, your website remains active and fast every time.

Server Locations

Hosting companies are establishing servers and data centers in different locations. it can faster the speed of a sever. HostArmada has its servers in multiple locations such as London, Bangalore, Singapore, Frankfurt, Newark, Toronto, Fremont, Dallas. The servers are so, you should not worry about the protection and security of the servers.

Hosting Plans and Pricing

The hosting companies offer various types of hosting plans for website developers, users or owners for the betterment of their online business or for running their sites perfectly! The prices of the plans also according to their configurations. So, hosting plans and pricing is an important part of the HostArmada review! HostArmada offers Managed WordPress hosting, Shared, Dedicated and VPS hosting plans. The minimum prices are given below:

Managed WordPress Hosting Plan – $2.66/month
Shared Hosting Plan – $2.66/month
VPS Hosting Plan – $38.47/month
Dedicated Hosting Plan – $149.00/month
Managed Cloud SSD Hosting Plan – $2.66/month

Domain Registration

A domain name is a gateway that indicates the presence of your website online! The website owners mainly focus on buying easy, simple and unique domain names that are related to their websites. To provide help, hosting companies offer various types of top-level domains for their customers. Often, they offer free domain service in some exceptional cases! HostArmada offers an easy domain registration policy. The minimum price of buying a domain from them is $1.64/year. with the domain name registration, you will also get a domain management panel, domain forwarding, domain locking and domain support features.

Refund Policy

Most of the hosting companies take advanced money for their service. often, they failed to provide the expected service or you may find a better service for your site. As a result, you need to cancel the existing plan and ask for a refund! Most of the hosting providers offer a generous money-refund policy. HostArmada also follows the same! It offers a 45-days money-refund policy for its customers. all of its hosting plans are including in the refund-policy.

Web Security

HostArmada authority is very serious about its customer’s security and privacy. To reduce the risk of spam attacks, it has taken many security measures. It offers static file checking, web application firewall, checking requests, connection level limits, DDoS protection service etc. You will also get zero-day attack detection, live security event monitoring and malware scanning with intrusion detection and prevention. These features are able to reduce spam and virus attacks.

Data Backups

HostArmada also thinks about its customer’s data privacy and security issues! it offers data backup service to its respected customers. The Shared Hosting plan users get their backup service from the JetBackUp section. The Smart Dock backup service is a small backup service that operates 7 days backup service. Also, HostArmada has Web Warp and Speed Reaper backup services and they keep backup for 14 and 21 days. So, the data will be safe and the chances of losing will be reduced.

Customer Support

It is a common issue of facing problems while using a hosting plan or operating a website. That’s why, hosting companies offer a friendly, proactive and organized customer support team. They are always available and ready to solve your problems. HostArmada has a proactive customer support team too! Whenever you face any problem, you can ask the question on any of their platforms. Their main platforms are Live chat, email, phone and online ticket.

cPanel Integrations

Operating a website is an important part of a website owner. The owners need to keep their websites updated with regular news and information. as a result, hosting companies offer a customizable or traditional control panel to their customers. HostArmada also has a dashboard for its users! Its cPanel is very intuitive and user friendly. If you don’t have any advanced knowledge, no need to worry! You will get every function in a single interface.

After analyzing the HostArmada review, you can now think if it is preferable for your site or not! Check the recent performance, plans and review of the consumers. As it is a new hosting company, you can use it for small business sites. After having a better experience, the hosting service is highly recommended to use. So, purchase the plan from HostArmada.

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