Hostens Review (2021): Really a Cute Hosting?

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

Over 100,000 happy customers across Europe, Hostens has spread its fame in the web hosting industry for 15 years. With a strong technical background, flexible customer policies and affordable prices, it catches the attention of most of the users of European region. Though they have customers all over the world. Maybe you are thinking to buy its plans for your site. Without making any late, before buying the plans let’s check the detailed Hostens review here. 

Complete Hostens Review

Server Performance

Hostens provides a blazing fast server speed. Most of the time it maintains its load speed below 200ms. In my recent observation, Hostens has an average load speed of 190 ms. 

Server Uptime and Reliability

Hostens has maintained a reliable server uptime in recent years. Last few checks, it maintains an average 99.95% server uptime. Hostens has an instant support team for fixing the downtime rapidly. 

Server Locations

An important feature of Hostens review is its server location. Hostens has its data center is Vilnius which is the capital of Lithuania, geographically midpoint of Europe. Now 140 servers are securely housed at the site. It is built following the TIER III standard. Generators, UPS, cooling systems, internet connection all are present for ensuring proper backup. Hostens claims that its data center is ecological and energy-efficient. Additionally, for maintaining proper security, no outsiders can enter the data center and the staffs have to go by showing identity. 

Hosting Plans and Pricing

While checking Hostens review, you should not miss checking its hosting plans and prices. Hostens offers multiple hosting plans including Shared hosting, VPS hosting and Reseller hosting. Every hosting has different target users and the configurations also set according to the user’s priority. The hosting plans are very cheap and affordable for all users. Here is the starting price of each plan are given below: 

Shared Hosting – 0.90/month
VPS – $1.20/month
Reseller Hosting – $1.80/month

Domain Registration

Hostens has multiple numbers of domain extensions for its users. The lowest domain registration fee is $2.00. Renewal fees and transfer fees are also added in domain charges. For checking the availability of the domain, you can search theirs in a search tool. Hostens also offers DNS management, theft protection for providing extra security. Its Domain features include fast access time, cloud infrastructure, multiple support and applications.   

Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with the performance of Hostens service don’t worry about losing your money! Hostens offers 30 days money-back guarantee for all of its hosting plans. When you decide to stop the service just inform the customer service and they will respond you immediately. Though, Hostens does not apply its refund policy for third party products such as domain names and SSL certificates. 

Web Security

Another key point of Hostens review is its web security. Hostens is always ready to secure the customer’s site from various spam or virus attacks. For ensuring security, it offers SSL certificates, secured VPN, Spam filter. You can buy an SSL certificate at a minimum price of $14.99/year. Moreover, its Spam filter provides anti-spam and anti-virus protection. The spam filter feature is also paid and the charge is $0.60/month. Hostens VPN service is safe, reliable and fast and the starting price of VPN is 0.90/month. 

Data Backups

As there are various reasons for data missing issues on the internet, Hostens offers data backup policies for its users. It allows daily and weekly backups for our Shared Hosting and Reseller hosting packages by default. New backups overwrite old ones. If you want to restore the data, you can buy Hostens’s Backup restoration service for a one-time fee of $9.99 or you follow manually backup procedures. For VPS hosting, Hostens generates daily and weekly backups $1/month and the backups are stored up to 2 weeks. 

Customer Support

For providing you fast and easy solutions regarding hosting, Hostens has a super fast and skilled customer support team. You can contact them through live chat and email. The team is available 24/7. Moreover, you can contact them through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or Linked in. additionally, its knowledge base has a FAQ section where you will get answers to various questions. 

cPanel Integrations 

Hostens has provided a user-friendly cPanel for managing the site properly. The Linux based control panel allows administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners to control the multiple aspects of website and server administration through a web browser. The cPanel and WHM template is fast and reliable. As a result, you can monitor your site perfectly and select your backup service and security and other options.

After analyzing the detailed Hostens review, you can now understand its terms and policies. For more info, you can check its recent customer reviews and ratings. Check the server speed and load time from your region so you should get proper load time. Don’t like its service? Use the refund policy.  Do not hesitate to buy hosting plans from Hostens. 

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