Hostwinds Review (2021): Read it Before You Take Action!

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

HostWinds is a common name among the hosting users from last decade. With the outstanding server performance, responsive customer support and userfriendly terms and policies make it unique in the hosting industry. It is also recognized as a great platform for building websites. If you are planning to buy a hosting plan from them, you can check this Hostwinds review for a better understanding.

Complete Hostwinds Review

Server Performance

HostWinds has a great load speed in every location of its server. It maintains on average 283 ms load speed. Even while the visitor’s traffic increases, it also maintains almost the same response time. 

Server Up-time and Reliability

HostWinds has guaranteed to provide a 99.999% server uptime. It provides almost perfect server uptime every time and you will get reliable performance. Due to installation or network fault may cause server downtime.

Server Locations

Though HostWinds is a US-based hosting provider, it has customers all over the world. To provide quality server performance, it has established data centers in the USA and Europe regions. The data centers are in Seattle, Dallas, and Amsterdam.  The data centers are high security protected and outsiders can not enter without any identification. Moreover, there are electricity and other power backup service provided for keeping these running all the time. 

Hosting Plans and Pricing

One of the important features of Hostwinds review is its plans and pricing. HostWinds has various plans for its valuable customers. Each plan has different configurations and the price also differs because of the configurations. HostWinds offers Shared, Business, VPS, Dedicated, Reseller, Cloud hosting plans. The pricing is not very high and maximum users can afford it. Here are the minimum pricing of each plan are given below: 

Shared Hosting – $3.29/month
Dedicated Hosting – $75.00/month
VPS Hosting – $7.99/month
Cloud Hosting – $0.006931/hr
Reseller Hosting – $3.29/month
Business Hosting – $5.64/month

Domain Registration

HostWinds does not require extra cost to the clients who purchase a new Shared Hosting,  Business Hosting,  or  White Label Reseller Hosting and the plan must be longer than one year. Buy the most common .com domain only at $14.84/year USD. you can check whether the domain is available or not from its own search tool. Additionally, you will get domain protection facilities for securing your data. 

Refund Policy

HostWinds is very flexible in case of their refund policy. If you face any problem or you will not get good server performance, you can immediately cancel the HostWinds hosting plans within 60 days of purchasing. The plan is applicable for Shared Hosting,  Business Hosting,  Reseller Hosting, VPN Hosting, or SHOUTCast Hosting offerings. On the other hand, HostWinds will not refund the domain, SSL, IP Addresses, Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, or any services paid through Skrill Or Cryptocurrency. 

Web Security

To provide you and your site visitors security, HostWinds has introduced the SSL certificate. It also monitors malware and spams 24/7 and automatically removes it. You will get  AutoSSL, RapidSSL and WildCard SSL for providing the extra security to the users. So, your visitors’ sensitive information kept private through encryption. Moreover, it enhances trust and alerts your visitors if any problem happens. As there is a huge amount of phishing sites and identity theft on the internet, your visitors may feel relief if they get to know you are using https and SSL certificates for protecting their data.

Data Backups

There is always a risk of data loss on the internet. As a result, you might not get your important files whenever you need them. To sort out the problem, HostWinds offers a daily backup service. You can backup all your database files, website and cPanel account files on Hostwinds’ Cloud Backups. These are not human-readable. All the services are done by your server that is backed up by Restic to an Object Storage container. The files are kept 60 days in storage and you can restore them. 

Customer Support

Another incredible feature of Hostwinds review is its responsive customer support.  For answering your queries, HostWinds has a 24/7/365 customer support team. It provides knowledgebase, live chat, online support tickets, phone support. Its customer support team claims to respond to your queries within 30 seconds on live chat, 3 minutes on the ticket and 10 seconds on phone. Resolve any hosting related issues by contacting them. Additionally, you can send an email to them if you can not able to contact them through other platforms. 

cPanel Integrations

HostWinds has a customizable user-friendly control panel interface. The features are very easy to find out and you can select any option just clicking on the icons. Its cPanel is a fully-functional web-based control panel that offers tools to manage your website. You can choose your backup options, security features, viewers statistics and any types of settings from the cPanel account. Don’t be feel worried, if you have no prior knowledge. 

From the detailed Hostwinds review, you are now able to understand whether it is preferable for your site or not. The performance and speed may vary because of your location. Otherwise, customer support and security policies will be the same for all customers. Don’t forget to check the recent ratings, feedbacks and plan configurations. Make your site more responsive with the HostWinds hosting.

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