MilesWeb Review [2021]: Performance at Budget!

Last Updated on March 5, 2021

Are you looking for the cheapest hosting plan? MilesWeb is one of the renowned names in the web hosting industry since 2012 because of its customer-friendly hosting pricing! It is a good choice for starter users. Let’s check the MilesWeb review before purchasing its hosting plans.

Complete MilesWeb Review

Server Performance

The first thing you need to check from the MilesWeb review is its server performance. It has a blazing fast load speed and the speed remains between 100 ms to 200 ms most of the time. The average load speed is 150 ms. 

Server Uptime and Reliability

Another part of the MilesWeb review is its server uptime. MilesWeb maintains an excellent server uptime throughout the year. The average uptime guarantee is 99.95%. Performance is also reliable. 

Server Locations

Hosting companies have their servers in different locations of the world to provide excellent services. Most of the providers had built the servers in various regions of Asia, Europe and the USA. MilesWeb also has its own servers in various locations. Its servers are in United States, UK, Romania, and India. The servers are secured enough and used as a backup service provider of hosting companies.

Hosting Plans and Pricing

MilesWeb offers various hosting plans such as Web Hosting, Reseller, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting and Dedicated hosting. The plans are set up for all types of customers. Each plan has different levels of configurations for beginners to advanced users. Here are the initial prices of each plan:

Web Hosting Plan – $0.60/month
WordPress Hosting Plan – $0.60/month
Dedicated Server Plan – $71/month
VPS Plan – $9.00/month
Managed Cloud Plan – $9.00/month
Reseller Hosting Plan – $4.20/month

Domain Registration

Before setting up a website, you should create your domain name, as it is so essential for your business and your website. A confusingly phrased domain name does not promote visitors and does not reflect what you are addressing. Hosting companies are selling popular domain names at reasonable rates. MilesWeb also offers top-level domain names. you can purchase the popular domain .com at $12/year. The low-cost domain you may find here at $5.00/year. Moreover, you can transfer your domain with a lower price. The domain protection tool is also included in the plan.

Refund Policy

While using a hosting plan, you may not be satisfied with its service and performance. So, you need to cancel your current plan. Hosting companies offer a money refund policy in this regard. If you pay for advanced money, don’t worry! MilesWeb offers a 30-days money-back guarantee to all of its plans. Just submit a cancelation request and they will process the request in a short time.

Web Security

Ensuring the protection of the website is one of the greatest responsibilities of any hosting company. Milesweb appears to be doing the same stuff. It offers SSL certificate, Firewall, Malware scanning, DDoS protection, Cybersecurity checklist etc. The SSL certificate ensures domain validation, authority GGSSL, 256-bit encryption, Static and Dynamic Site Seal etc. The minimum price of buying an SSL certificate is $11.00/year.

Data Backup

Data backup is required to store information for future operations. It is also an significant aspect of MilesWeb review. It provides consumers with a policy of data recovery. You’ll get backup support on a daily and weekly basis for all its plans. You can store your website files and important databases in your personal storage or by your cPanel. MilesWeb also allows restoring data whenever you want.

Customer Service

Customer support is a core aspect of any kind of system. As users may have trouble running their sites, they need urgent assistance, and the customer support team seems always happy to address your concerns. MilesWeb offers live chat, online ticket, email and phone support. Any confusion regarding billing, technical support or abuse complaint, you can knock them any time.

cPanel Integration

A cPanel is necessary to track and manage the website properly. MilesWeb enables an intuitive and user-friendly control panel to handle the website. With this control panel, you can upload files, download databases, manage the installation of users, remove files etc. You can also activate the backup service or billing methods using the control panel.

As you read the MilesWeb review, you are now able to choose which plan is applicable for your site. Check the speed, server performance from your location. Multiple hosting plans are available. So, don’t make it late to pick the best one for your site!

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