MochaHost vs HostGator (2021): Complete Comparison!

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

Are you thinking of buying hosting plans for your site but confused between MochaHost and HostGator? Considering their plans and pricing, both of them are almost the same and configurations are also pretty the same. From starter level users to premium business level users, all pay a look at these two hostings when they decide to buy any plan. Let’s find your queries from the MochaHost vs HostGator comparisons.

Server Speed Test: MochaHost vs HostGator

The first thing you need to study in MochaHost vs HostGator comparisons, which hosting has a better server pace. The decreased response time would lead to a loss of several users for the website owners. In my observation, both MochaHost and HostGator had about the same server speed, though HostGator did exceptionally well. 

670 ms280 ms

Server Uptime: MochaHost vs HostGator

Server system interruptions and maintenance reduce uptime on the service. The visitors may feel annoyed if the site takes longer loading time. Recurrent server downtimes can result in a negative image. Both MochaHost and HostGator show almost perfect server uptime.  Both of them are reliable.  


Server Locations: MochaHost vs HostGator

To provide outstanding server performance all over the world, hosting providers build different servers or data centers in various locations. Most of the servers are in Asia, the USA, European continents. So, people from every region can have the best response time. The data centers have Multihomed network access and protection for data and server protection.

Chicago, IllinoisProvo, Utah, and Houston, Texas

Plans and Pricing: MochaHost vs HostGator

The key aspect to determine when evaluating the differences in the hosting services would be hosting plans and pricing. The relations vary among them because of the configurations and the facilities. Comparing MochaHost vs HostGator, both are offering various plans. Apart from slight differences in pricing and configurations, the plans are almost the same. Let’s check the plans of MochaHost and HostGator with their initial prices:

WordPress Hosting – $2.48/month
Reseller Hosting – $9.87/month
VPS Hosting – $11.68/month
Dedicated Hosting – $24.00/month
Web Hosting – $1.95/month
WordPress – $5.95/month
Reseller Plan – $19.95/month 
VPS Plan – $19.95/month
Dedicated Plan – $89.98/month
Shared Hosting Plan – $2.75/month

Domain Registration: MochaHost vs HostGator

Before purchasing the hosting plans a different but easy domain name is always mandatory. The hosting companies are proposing lots of special domain extensions. They still sometimes offer free domain registration. Domain renewal and transfer fees are also included in their services. Finding a domain is easy as most of the providers enable a domain search tool. Moreover, domain protection service is provided to protect your domain against spammers and identity theft. 

MochaHost offers free domain registration for its clients following some terms and policies. As long as your account is registered with them, you will get free domain services and free domain protection services also. If you buy a paid domain extension, you will get it for 1 year. The domain renewal fee must be paid 30 days before the deadline. Moreover, MochaHost also offers easy domain transfer procedures. The minimum domain price is $12.95. 

On the other hand, Hostgator does not offer free domain registration. You can buy its hosting plans for 12, 24, or 36 months whatever you want. The minimum domain registration fee is $12.95. Renewal charge is included and needs to be paid after 1 year. The additional facilities such as Domain Privacy Protection, auto-renewal and simple domain transfer procedure are also offered by HostGator though some features require an extra charge. 

Security: MochaHost vs HostGator

One of the concerning issues in website management is its security and privacy. Spam or malware attacks are common concerns influencing Internet security. The hosting companies are always ready with precautions to protect your website, to back up your data and to auto removal of spam. And with a threat-defense team full of professionals, they are strong enough to safeguard the site security.

In this regard, MochaHost is very concerned regarding its customer’s security. It has an expert security team. Moreover, it offers free SSL certificates to protect your visitor’s privacy, keeping data safe. Different types of cyber-attack that include spam attack malware attack and Brute force attack security are provided by MochaHost web hosting company. 

Comparing the MochaHost vs HostGator security measures, Hostgator provides Sitelock website security, malware and spam protection, cloud-based solution, domain privacy and 24 hours monitoring. The security team helps to detect and remove the attacks instantly and your data remains secure. 

Data Backups: MochaHost vs HostGator

Data security and privacy is another significant component of the Internet. Missing useful data or files may result from technological issues or spam attacks. While some hosting services still take payments, others provide free data backup policies. Sometimes, you will get extra storage for data backup and restoration. 

MochaHost offers daily, bi-weekly, or weekly backup support to its customers. The Linux – Mocha and WordPress Advanced packages MochaHost offer a complimentary free daily backup option. You can select the option from the “Mocha Backup” cPanel tool. The storage limit is 5GB. Moreover, the WHM control panel for another option of daily backup. Some weekly or bi-weekly backups are Disaster Recovery, shortly known as DR backups. For more info, contact with MochaHost customer care service. 

HostGator has a little bit of a different data backup policy from others. HostGator offers CodeGuard backup service to restore your data. It costs $2.00/month. It’s a third-party backup service. Your entire site, database files can be easily stored in the third-party backup tool. 

Money-Back Guarantee: MochaHost vs HostGator

However, almost every hosting company has a refund policy for its customers. Often you may have cheaper terms than your current one or you may be facing speed problems and other issues with your current policies. Therefore you need to change your hosting immediately.

MochaHost offers two options for its clients: 180 days or 30 days money-back guarantee. If you buy a hosting plan, a domain name for 1 year and in 30 days you want to cancel the service. Then MochaHost will refund only the hosting charge. The domain fee, domain ID protection fee and SSL certificate charge will not be refunded. 

On the contrary, HostGator provides a 45 days money-back guarantee to its clients. The refund policy is applicable only for basic hosting plans. Domain registration or other service fees are not refundable according to its terms and policies.  

Customer Support: MochaHost vs HostGator

A common reality for website owners is getting technical issues with the website. For instant support, you need to call or send a message to the hosting company. To find out the problem, you need urgent help from the customer service team at the hosting company.

MochaHost hosting provider offers a 24/7 live chat option, a toll-free US phone number for support, online tutorials and an online ticket system for providing instant customer support.  The customer support team is very active.

In the same way, Hostgator has a friendly, knowledgeable and skilled customer support team. Its customer support includes Telephone and LiveChat platforms. Its customer support team is always ready to help you out. 

cPanel Integrations: MochaHost vs HostGator

For ideal website management, a user-friendly control panel or dashboard is needed. A lot of hosting companies have traditional cPanel for their users. Many people do not have advanced knowledge about dashboard management, so it requires an easy-to-use cPanel.

MochaHost has very easy to use and easily maintainable cPanel. Log in to cPanel easily by using user identity and password from your browser. You can manage your plans, viewer’s statistics, payment, website settings through this MochaHost cPanel. No prior knowledge is required. Further assistance will be provided if needed. 

HostGator’s is a standard cPanel with Password protected directories, Web-based file manager, Hotlink protection as well as  IP Deny Manager and Custom error pages. Forums, blogs and one-click installation support are enabled in the dashboard. 

After reviewing the MochaHost vs HostGator comparisons, you find out the slight differences between them. Both of them are providing almost perfect server uptime, customer service and security. Plans are pricing almost the same, though the changes vary because of the configurations. So, do not be late to get your preferable hosting plans.

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