NameHero vs GreenGeeks (2021): Who is the Real Hero?

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

Both NameHero and GreenGeeks have been doing well in the web hosting industry for more than 10 years. Both of them provide excellent hosting service and quality performance. Though there are many similarities between them, you will find slight differences as well. If you want to know more about these two, let’s start checking the comparison between NameHero vs GreenGeeks

Server Speed Test: NameHero vs GreenGeeks

Faster Speed server enables the user to access the website. Thousands of customers would be disappointed because of the website’s slower response time. Due to server locations and caching systems, the server speed can vary. Both NameHero and GreenGeeks manage load time pretty well.

335 ms856 ms

Server Uptime: NameHero vs GreenGeeks

Often network maintenance, technical glitches, and installation lead to server downtime. And, Frequent server downtime results in a negative image for a hosting site. Viewers may feel bored and they will not be interested anymore to visit that particular site. In my observation, I found an estimated Up-time comparison between NameHero vs GreenGeeks uptime which is almost equal.


Server Locations: NameHero vs GreenGeeks

The hosting providers have set up their servers and data centers in different regions to ensure users get the speed and uptime of quality loading. Considering this fact, several hosting companies decided to develop their data centers in different locations like Asia, the United States, and Europe. All providers maintain user authentication and safety when accessing their data centers.

Lansing, Phoenix, Amsterdam Chicago, Phoenix, Montreal and Amsterdam

Plans and Pricing: NameHero vs GreenGeeks

To catch the customer’s attention, every single hosting provider comes up with multiple hosting plans and configurations. From starter to premium users, the plan and configuration differ. Price is also set according to the hosting configurations. Some hosting providers offer yearly plans as well as some offer monthly hosting plans. Both NameHero and GreenGeeks offer affordable hosting plans for their valuable customers.

Shared Hosting: $4.30/month
Reseller Hosting: $13.72/month
VPS Hosting: $21.97/month
Web Hosting  $2.95/month
WordPress Hosting $2.95/month 
VPS Hosting $39.95/mo 
Reseller Plan $19.95/month 

Domain Registration: NameHero vs GreenGeeks

Running a site requires a unique domain name. Most of the hosting providers have their own domain search tool to easily find out specific domain names. Domain registration fee, renewal fee and domain safety fee is also included with the domain registration. Often you may find free domain registration offers by following particular terms and policies. 

The minimum price for NameHero domain registration is $10.70/year. Also, you need to pay for domain transfer and renewal fees. For domain security, NameHero offers WhoisHero™ anti-spam protection. DNS management is also included for easily managing the records. 

GreenGeeks sometimes offers free domain registration following terms and policies. Though a yearly charge for getting the regular domain name, renewal fees are also needed to be paid. The domain transfer procedure is easy in GreenGeeks. You need to pay the charge for multiple domain registrations, and ID protection charges. 

Security: NameHero vs GreenGeeks

These day spam or malware attacks are typical internet security issues. Also, the hosting companies have taken accountability for the precautions to protect your website. Many companies have an experienced team full of the threat-defense team to ensure your safety on the site. While it is offered for free by some hosting companies, some take fees.

NameHero suggests to its customers using a password manager, two-factor authentication for cPanel login and WordFence security plugin, updated themes, latest version core file plugins for web security.  

GreenGeeks has a skilled web security team. They provide suggestions of every query and suggestion to its clients to remove unused installations of scripts, themes or plugins, and old stuff. They provide clients with reports, Q&A’s and scheduled webinars.

Data Backups: NameHero vs GreenGeeks

Data security and privacy are a vital part of the network. You can lose important files or data due to technical difficulties or cyber-attacks. Many of the providers are allowing free backup services, some are taking additional fees for providing extra backup facilities. 

NameHero offers a nightly free backup plan as well as an additional backup service. Under some requirements, you will get 30 days backup with 5GB backup space. It costs $1.99/month. 

GreenGeeks has daily or weekly data backup policies. It also includes SSH access. The users can use the FileZilla FTP software to back up the website files itself. Your mails can be encrypted by installing the mail directory. 

Money-Back Guarantee: NameHero vs GreenGeeks

Users could have queries about the hosting provider’s performance or you may be getting better support from another hosting company. So, the hosting plan needs to be canceled and the contract immediately to the providers. To fix this, the hosting companies give their customers refund policies.

NameHero provides 30 days money-back guarantee for Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and VPS Hosting packages. Though NameHero does not refund service charge, setup fee, domain registration, migrations, dedicated IPs, WHMCS licenses/license, domain registration fee and renewal fee. 

In the same way, GreenGeeks also have flexible refund plans and offer 30 days refunds without asking any questions. Though you will own the domain. In addition, GreenGeeks should refund your domain registration fee, set up fee or transfer fee.

Customer Support: NameHero vs GreenGeeks

Many users face hosting issues while operating their websites. Even the hosting companies are aware of and always respectful of their customer service and satisfaction. As a result, they offer an instant response team to address the issue.

NameHero offers live chat, hotline number, and email for providing instant customer support. 

GreenGeeks offers 24/7 Ticket Support, Email Support, Live Chat, Hotline contact support to its clients. 

cPanel Integrations: NameHero vs GreenGeeks

For an effective website operation, a user-friendly control panel or dashboard is needed. Although most hosting companies offer their users traditional cPanels, some providers have their own custom cPanel. It is important to have a comfortable cPanel because some users do not have prior knowledge.

NameHero cPanel allows to control back up service, domain options, security option, viewers traffic everything. It enables easy monitoring with a user-friendly layout. 

Like many others, GreenGeeks also has a user-friendly interface in its cPanel. You can monitor, set features, tools of your site by accessing the settings option. You can also set the privacy and backup policy just with a few taps from the cPanel. 

After analyzing NameHero vs GreenGeeks comparison, you are now able to find out the little differences between them.  NameHero has a quicker response time than GreenGeeks whereas GreekGeeks offers more plans than NameHero with better configurations. Check user reviews and ratings before purchasing the plan. Do not be late to choose the perfect one for your site.

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