NameHero vs SiteGround (2021): Complete Comparison!

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

Both NameHero and SiteGround are popular web hosting providers because of their performance and customer service. Millions of users have relied on their performances since the last decade. Though both of them provide almost the same service but there are slight differences between them. If you have any query, check the detailed NameHero vs SiteGround review. 

Server Speed Test: NameHero vs SiteGround

The service Higher Speed helps more users to access the web. Because of the good response time, thousands of customers will easily visit your site. Otherwise, they feel bored. Subject to server locations and caching systems the speed can vary. Both NameHero and SiteGround are excellent in their server performance. 

335 ms180 ms

Server Uptime: NameHero vs SiteGround

It is indeed a real fact that the server’s proper uptime guarantees proper website loading. So ensuring optimal and reliable server uptime is very essential for all hosting providers. In some circumstances, you can face downtime but this occurs very rarely. Both NameHero and SiteGround maintain a reliable server uptime, but SiteGround is almost perfect. 


Server Locations: NameHero vs SiteGround

Both load time and uptime of the server depend upon the location of the server. The hosting companies have established their servers and data centers in different regions for sustaining excellent service with superb speed. Additionally, most of the hosting companies ensure security and backup for data centers. So, outsiders should not enter the centers. 

Lansing, Phoenix, AmsterdamLowa, London, Eemshaven, Frankfurt, Sydney, and Singapore

Plans and Pricing: NameHero vs SiteGround

Various hosting companies have various hosting services. The more innovative the policy is, the more clients it gets. Due to configuration, type of website, or facilities, the plans differ. 

Both NameHero and SiteGround hosting providers offer multiple hosting plans including Shared, Cloud, VPS< Reseller and WordPress hosting. From beginners to advanced level users, every plan is based on their required configurations. Let’s check the differences between NameHero vs SiteGround hosting’s plans and pricing. 

Shared Hosting: $4.30/month
Reseller Hosting: $13.72/month
VPS Hosting: $21.97/month
WordPress hosting: $6.99/month
Shared hosting: $6.99/month
Cloud hosting: $80/month

Domain Registration: NameHero vs SiteGround

While purchasing the hosting plans a specific domain name is always required. For domain names, most hosting services take registration charges, renewal fees and ID protection charges. Some of them still sometimes they offer free domain registration. Using a domain checker search tool, you can check the availability of a domain from their websites. You’ll get privacy rights for the domain.

The starting price for NameHero domain registration is $10.70/year. Domain transfer and renewal fees are also added in the domain charge. NameHero offers domain security measures. The precautions include WhoisHero™ anti-spam protection. DNS management is also included for easily managing the records. 

Similarly, Siteground also ensures high-quality Domain services. They have multiple categories of Domains such as Popular domains, Country domains, and Special domains. You can register a new domain at a minimum of $15.95/year. Sometimes you will get discounts on special occasions. 

Security: NameHero vs SiteGround

Internet Safety has become a big concern in digital platforms. Therefore hosting companies take the requisite steps to protect their servers and data centers. Spam or malware attacks are sometimes heard attacked on various sites on the internet platforms.

NameHero is always aware of the customer’s security. It suggests to its valuable customers to use a password manager, two-factor authentication for cPanel login. Moreover, WordFence security plugin, updated themes, latest version core file plugins are also needed to be updated for web security.  

The SiteGround security team always monitors and keeps track of its servers, website, and software and resolves the attacks. Siteground has come up with 300 custom rules for Web Application Firewall. It ensures preventing third-party software vulnerabilities and adds safety to your site. They are always careful about their security standard.  

Data Backups: NameHero vs SiteGround

Another important factor is data storage and confidentiality. You could be missing your valuable data or files because of any technical problems or spam attacks. You ought to backup your data and recover it to avoid this risk.

In terms of backup plans, NameHero enables a nightly free backup. Also, it provides an additional backup service. Following some requirements, you will get 30 days backup with 5GB backup space and it costs $1.99/month. 

Siteground provides you data backup advantage through the Backups Manager section in cPanel. Just click on the Backup Tool icon and select the files. You have to select the restore option and choose the type like backup account, emails, or database. It should be remembered that the restoration must be within 7 days. 

Money-Back Guarantee: NameHero vs SiteGround

To strengthen customer support, most of the hosting companies implement a money return policy. The providers are often unable to guarantee reliable performance in specific areas, or you might be getting a better hosting service from another company. In this case, a refund policy is available by following certain terms and regulations. Many hosting companies only compensate for the costs of the hosting service rather than the costs of setup and maintenance.

NameHero allows a 30 days money-back guarantee. The offer is applicable for Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and VPS Hosting packages. Though service charge, setup fee, domain registration, migrations, dedicated IPs, WHMCS licenses/license, domain registration fee and renewal fee are not refundable and all are mentioned in their terms and policies. 

Siteground hosting has a flexible refund policy. Full 30-day money-back guarantee on all shared hosting plans. A totally brand new customer can get the opportunity. For the renewal, the refund policy is not included. Moreover, Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated hosting plans have a 15 days refund policy. 

Customer Support: NameHero vs SiteGround

Having problems when running a site is a very common issue. Users also face hosting issues and the maintenance problem of their websites. Even the hosting companies value the quality and satisfaction of their customers. So, a superfast customer service team is necessary to work out the problem.

NameHero has a friendly customer support team for answering all the queries. It offers live chat, hotline number, and email for providing instant customer support. 

For delivering instant support and answering your questions, Siteground has a 24/7 Live Chat customer care service full of multiskilled members. Ask them anything if you face any problem or you have any confusion and get an ultra-fast, top-rated customer satisfaction experience. 

cPanel Integrations: NameHero vs SiteGround

For proper website management, a user-friendly control panel or dashboard is required. Although most hosting companies give their users traditional cPanels, some providers have their own custom-built cPanel. It is important to have a comfortable cPanel because some users do not have advanced knowledge.

NameHero cPanel is very easy to manage. You can select the backup service, domain options, security option, and viewers traffic everything. It enables easy monitoring with a user-friendly layout. 

SiteGround has one of the easiest ways to operate your website with its traditional cPanel. In the Siteground cPanel, you can access File Sections, backup, Domain Section, Security Section, Database Section, Autoinstaller Section, and other Advanced Sections. 

If you are done with reading the NameHero vs SiteGround comparison, you can now understand which hosting service is perfect for your site. Check the configurations and compare them with the price. Also, check the server performance from your location and never forget to take reviews from recent users. Choose the best hosting for your site. 

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