Scala Hosting Review [2021]: Scale Up Your Site!

Last Updated on January 25, 2021

Scala Hosting is renowned and considered the best VPS hosting service provider among website users. It is trusted by 700,000 website owners since 2004! The hosting plans, pricing and server performance are reliable enough to get huge customer satisfaction. let’s jump to the detailed Scala Hosting review!

Complete Scala Hosting review

Server Performance

The keynote feature of the Scala Hosting review is its server performance. Scala Hosting has a good load speed throughout the year. Its load speed is 243 ms. 

Server Uptime and Reliability

Maintaining a decent server uptime is pretty much important for all the hosting companies. Scala Hosting has a good image of maintaining industry level server uptime. Its average server uptime is 99.9%. The performance is reliable and users are can easily access the site.

Server Locations

Hosting companies are always serious about their server performance and load speed. For this reason, they are building servers in different locations. Most of the hosting companies have their servers in the USA, Europe or Asia regions. Scala Hosting operates its functionalities from two server locations, Dallas and Sofia! For the continuation of the server performance, enough backup support is provided.

Hosting Plans and Pricing

The most important feature of the Scala Hosting review is its hosting plans and pricing. Scala Hosting offers various types of plans that include Web hosting plan, WordPress hosting plan, Managed Cloud VPS plan, Reseller hosting, email hosting etc. The plans have different levels of configurations for beginners, intermediates and advanced users. Prices also vary according to that. The minimum prices of each plan are given below:

Web Hosting Plan – $3.95/month
WordPress Hosting Plan – $3.95/month
Reseller Hosting Plan – $10.95/month
Email Hosting Plan – $2.95/month
Managed Cloud VPS Hosting Plan – $9.95/month
Self-managed Cloud VPS Plan – $10.00/month

Domain Registration

To get a better search engine result an easy, simple and unique domain name is important for the website owners. Most of the hosting companies offer an easy domain registration policy at an affordable price with extra features. Scala Hosting also offers domain name registration for its valuable customers. The lowest price of purchasing a domain is $9.55/year. The most common TLDs such as .com/ .NET etc can be found at $12.65/year or $14.95/year! you will get some extra features with the domain name such as email forwarding, domain forwarding and DNS management.

Refund Policy

Refund policy is another vital issue of the Scala Hosting review. Scala Hosting is very much confident about their hosting services and policies. It offers a generous refund policy for all of its hosting plans. You will get 30-days money-back guarantee for Web hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS, Cloud servers and SSL certificates! If you want to cancel their plans, they will immediately take it into consideration and refund the money as early as possible. though Scala Hosting does not refund for Dedicated servers, Domain registration/renewal or transfer and software licenses or custom software installs.

Web Security

As the cyberattacks are increasing, the hosting companies are taking many important steps to prevent the issues. Scala Hosting has SShield Real-time website protection security guard and SSL certificates! The SSHield security guard provides block 99.998% of attacks, automatically notify case of hacks, built-in AI malicious detection, protects websites info, fully automated. Scala Hosting also offers SSL certificates at different prices. The lowest price is $30.00/year. 

Data Backups

Sometimes, because of thesecurity issue, data has lost and website owners fail to restore the data because of not having backup services. So, hosting companies provide backup services to their customers. Scala Hosting backup service can be selected from its SPanel. Just click to its SPanel of Cloud VPS, Click the option Backup and Select Generate Backup. You will get the backup service.

Customer Support

Additionally, to provide you instant support and suggestions, the hosting companies have a customer support team. The staff is very much helpful and proactive to deliver you proper suggestions and guidelines. The Scala Hosting also has a knowledgeable customer support team. If you have problems regarding Sales, Billing, Abuse or Technical support,, just inform them through the mail, live chat, phone. They also have a knowledgebase to provide instant support.

cPanel Integrations

As managing a website is important, Scala Hosting offers a different type of dashboard to its users. They provide SPanel as an alternative to cPanel. It helps to do everything a website owner might need to grow their business in a secure environment. You can manage the site info, process the site and work as SWordPress manager and so on! If you face any problem while using the SPanel, you can send a message to the Scala Host customer support team.

After checking the Scala Hosting review, you are now able to understand if you are going to buy plans from them or not. Check the reviews, ratings and server speed from your location. If you like its configurations, don’t make late to buy the plans.

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