Run Server Speed Test with these 7 Performance Checkers!

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

While reviewing a hosting, the primary feature you must notice is its server speed. Statistics show that, if a page takes more than 3 seconds for loading, users left that site immediately. So, the server speed test is an essential part of website hosting. The greater the server speed, the search result will be perfect. There are many online tools that are used by many users for server speed testing. Many of them are free and some require charges. Again, many server speed testing tools not only show the speed but also show the page performance grade, page size, tested area and number of requests etc. I am going to brief you about 7 server speed test checkers. 

List of Server Speed Test Performance Checkers

1. Byte Check

Byte check is an open-source server speed test tool that shows quick load time of the servers. It not only helps you to check load time but also shows you Time to first byte(TTFB), request size, header size, upload speed, download speed and HTTP code. Just enter the URL in the search tool. It will send the HTTP request and wait till your browser has started to receiving content. One fact is that the Byte check does not allow you to choose the server location. 

2. Bitcatcha

Bitcatcha is another free server speed test tool. This tool shows the response time of the server from different regions. The regions include the US, London, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Bangalore, Sydney, Japan, Canada and Germany. You will also know about the performance grade of the particular server. Its interface is very clear and put the URL on the search box. Bitcatcha will show you the response times within a minute. Though it does not show TTFB or Page size. In the end, Bitcatcha explained the search results briefly.  

3. Dotcom-Tools

Dotcom-tools is one of the renowned website availability and performance checking tools. This till provides you global results from the end-user’s perspective. Moreover, it is a free tool that receives the daily result and enables performance alert 30 days for free. You can check load time, Ping test with Dotcom-tools. The load speed result is checked from more than 20 regions including Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, Africa and Australia. The Dotcom-tools monitor public-facing website, server, portal or device including IIS, Apache, Exchange, VoIP and more. If it finds any issue, it shows the real-time alert. 

4. Pingdom

Pingdom is one of the commonly used server testing tools. This tool is very much active and alerts you when your site is in danger. Though it is a free server checking tool, you can use the paid version for getting more results related to the website. Pingdom tool not only shows the website’s response time but also performance grade, page size, number of requests and so on. It allows you to check server speed from different regions including Tokyo, Frankfurt, London, Washington DC, San Francisco, Sydney, Sao Paulo. Pingdom tool also used for Full page test, Live map and App optics dev edition. 

5. WebPageTest

WebPageTest is another renowned server speed tester. Its an open-source speed checker tool that runs simple tests or performs advanced testing including multi-step transactions. This tool shows resource loading waterfall charts, Page Speed optimization checks and important suggestions for improvements. WebPageTest tool has a Forum option that will let you know how you can improve your site and performance optimization. Also, you can notice the total blocking time, number os requests, cumulative layout shift and speed index. In my observation, I found it a little bit slower. Both simple and advanced testing can be used from the WebPageTest tool. Additionally, you can select the server locations such that Asia, Oceania, Middle East, North America and South America for speed checking. 

6. Geekflare

Geekflare Website Audit tool is a popular server speed checker among users. When you start checking the site’s load speed, the tool will let you know the performance score, page size, block time, performance audit, SEO audit, request details through Gantt charts, request breakdown etc. You can test the site both in the desktop or mobile versions. TTFB test, TLS scanner more than 20+ tests are included in the Geekflare Website Audit tool. It is also a free server speed tester. One issue is that you can not understand which from which location it measures the server speed. 

7. Site Speed Bot is another popular free version of the server speed checking tool. Just enter the URL in the search box and wait 60 seconds. It will show you the load speed result as well as Fully Loaded Time, TTFB, Total Number of Requests, FCP Timing, LCP Timing and Page Size. different audit reports will be given for checking results in depth. Moreover, allows you to check load time from different locations including Sydney, Toronto, Frankfurt, Bangalore, Tokyo, Singapore, Cape Town, Seoul, London, Los, Angeles, Miami. Select the location from the dropdown arrow near the search tool. 

After reviewing the server speed testers, you can check load time using any of these. Some testers are a little bit slower, but all of them show incredible and detailed results regarding server speed and website. Some tools also provide a suggestion for increasing the performance of your website. Check the server speed regularly to monitor your site.

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