SiteGround vs iPage [2021]: Complete Comparison!

Last Updated on March 5, 2021

SiteGround and iPage are both popular hosting companies. Both have many similarities in their services, customer care, refund policies, security and privacy policies. You will also find a lot of variations in their performance, hosting plans, or configurations. Are you confused between two hosting providers? Check the comparisons of SiteGround vs iPage in depth.

Server Speed Test: SiteGround vs iPage

In SiteGround vs iPage analyses, the first factor you ought to test is that the hosting speed of the server is quicker. Reduced response time will lead to the loss of several users to the owners of the website. Both SiteGround and iPage had great server speed in my perception, while SiteGround has been doing incredibly well.

180 ms340 ms

Server Uptime: SiteGround vs iPage

Disturbances and server system operation problems minimize network uptime. When the site takes a bit longer loading time, the visitor may feel annoyed. A negative perception may result from recurrent server downtimes. SiteGround and iPage both show almost perfect uptime for servers where SiteGround is good.


Server Locations: SiteGround vs iPage

Almost all hosting companies are expanding servers and data centers in different locations. The speed and uptime of the server depend on the location of the server. It provides a high level of activity. Some data centers are monitored 24/7 and several backups are ready to respond immediately to any system failure. Both SiteGround and iPage has servers in various locations, though SiteGround has more.

Lowa, London, Eemshaven, Frankfurt, Sydney, and SingaporeBoston and Burlington

Plans and Pricing: SiteGround vs iPage

The hosting companies are providing various plans for the different types of uses. you will get a hosting solution for your Dedicated, Reseller, VPS, or cloud WordPress sites. Prices also vary because of the configurations of the hosting plans. here are the minimum prices of the different hosting plans of SiteGround vs iPage:

WordPress hosting: $6.99/month
Shared hosting: $6.99/month
Cloud hosting: $80/month
Web Hosting – $1.99/month
WordPress Hosting – $3.75/month
VPS Hosting – $19.99/month
Dedicated Hosting – $119.99/month

Domain Registration: SiteGround vs iPage

For convenient user access, a unique domain name is necessary. The best search engine result depends more on the name of the domain. Few hosting companies offer free domain name registration, some of which encourage the use of third-party domain service.

Siteground ensures high-quality Domain services with various security features and Domain Name management services. They have various divisions of Domains such as Popular domains, Country domains, and Special domains. You can register a new domain at a minimum of $15.95/year. Often they will offer discounts on special occasions.

iPage provided the customers with a free domain registration for a limited period. For getting the free domain registration service you need to buy a hosting plan from them. It offers over 300 domain extensions. iPage automatically renews the domain and keeps your domain from expiring by accident. they offer Domain Privacy features that will help you to keep your personal contact information private.

Security: SiteGround vs iPage

The security threats on the Internet are on the rising, hosting companies are taking several important approaches to address the website vulnerabilities. Many hosting companies are currently recruiting specialized equipment for their threat defense unit. They scan the pages and disable the threats. Both SiteGround and iPage offer various security precautions.

The SiteGround security team monitors and keeps track of its servers, website, and software and resolves the attacks every time. It has 300 custom rules for Web Application Firewall. Additionally,  it ensures preventing third-party software vulnerabilities and adds safety to your site.

Comparing SiteGround vs iPage security services, iPage offers online security measures such as Sitelock, Daily malware scan, Blacklist monitoring, automated bot attacks, DDoS Protection, Database scanning, Automatic malware removal etc. Moreover, the technical support team suggests using updated plugins, files, themes to help for preventing software vulnerabilities. The 24/7 monitoring will help to scan the spam attacks and remove them instantly.

Data Backups: SiteGround vs iPage

Data backup is necessary to preserve the safety and confidentiality of the data. Hosting providers offer an external cloud or personal data storage server. The backup service makes both manual and automated data backup functions. This will help you recover your data anytime you want to. Both SiteGround and iPage offer data backup services to their customers.

SiteGround provides a Backups Manager section for storing through the cPanel. Following the steps such as clicking on the Backup Tool icon and select the files which you want to store. You also need to select the restore option and choose the type like backup account, emails, or database. Data can be restored from the external storage within 7 days.

iPage offers paid data backup policies that cost $1.14/month for Basic plan users and $2.09/month for Pro plan users. The backup tool helps to protect websites, databases. Also, it restores multiple files or databases. Download the files and store them in .zip format. The iPage backup tool allows you to pick a single file that you want to restore or an entire website.

Money-Back Guarantee: SiteGround vs iPage

Often you need to cancel the plan when you are not satisfied with the services or you may have to switch to a higher plan. In this scenario, if you pay an advance bill for your service, you can lose your money. To fix the problem, hosting companies come with a free trial period and money return policy. SiteGround and iPage offer flexible trial periods.

SiteGround hosting has a flexible money-back guarantee. It allows a 30-day money-back guarantee on all shared hosting plans. Only the brand new customers will get an advantage. The Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated hosting plans have a 15 days refund policy.

Comparing SiteGround vs iPage money-refund policies, both of them have no difference. iPage also allows a 30-day money-back guarantee. The charge for the domain is not refundable as well as it is applicable for most add-on services.

Customer Support: SiteGround vs iPage

Hosting companies provide a variety of features to update the website. You may have problems with a variety of challenges while operating your site. At that time, you need urgent suggestions and recommendations to address the problem. A professional and attentive customer service team is set up to provide assistance and guidance.

To provide instant help and clear your questions, SiteGround has a 24/7 Live Chat Customer Care Service full of multi-skilled staff. Ask them if you face any problems or have any doubt and have an ultra-fast, top-rated customer satisfaction experience.

Similarly, iPage also provides its customers with high-quality customer service. The 24/7 customer service team helps to provide you the solution regarding the domain, hosting and online presence. IPage provides emergency contact, live chat, knowledgebase, and online form submission to provide you with instant assistance. The professional and courteous team are looking forward to hearing about your complaints.

cPanel Integrations: SiteGround vs iPage

A user-friendly control panel or dashboard is required to effectively manage the website. While most hosting companies provide standard cPanels for their clients, some providers have their custom-built cPanels. As a consequence, an easily managed and organized control panel or dashboard is required.

SiteGround has one of the simplest ways to control your website using conventional cPanel. You can access File Pages, Backup, Domain Section, Protection Section, Database Section, Auto installer Section, and other Advanced Sections in the SiteGround cPanel.

On the other hand, iPage does not have a typical cPanel like other hosting providers. In the WHM framework, you can build a new cPanel account. Create a control panel by clicking on the Server Control Center icon. You can install the control panel by using several measures. Customer support service for iPage shares an article to easily create a control panel.

As you interpret the comprehensive description of SiteGround vs. iPage, you have a good understanding of their features and policies. If you’re looking for decent speed and uptime, SiteGround is a better choice. iPage provides the cheapest beginner hosting plans to its customers. Compare the configurations again to select a better hosting package for your site.

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