TMDHosting Review (2021): In-Depth Analysis!

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

TMDHosting is a reliable choice of quality web hosting provider over 300,000 websites. It is able to maintain its reputation for around 10 years to the customers. TMDHosting is renowned for its moderate server performance, reliable uptime, and affordable hosting plans for all kinds of users. If you are thinking of purchasing a hosting plan from TMDHosting, you can check it for a detailed review.  

Complete TMDHosting Review

Server Performance

In terms of server performance, TMDHosting is fantastic because of its blazing fast speed with the fast server response time. Its response time is 260 ms. 

Server Up-time and Reliability

TMDHosting provider claims to provide server uptime on average 99.99%. Recently, it maintains perfect server uptime of 100% and customers are relying on its server performance. If uptime is important to you, you should always check reviews from other customers before making a purchase.

Server Locations

While checking the TMDHosting review, you need to check its data centers also. To provide you an extraordinary performance, TMDHosting has data centers in different regions. The data centers are in Phoenix, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo. So, you will get incredible server performance from any part of the world. 

Hosting Plans and Pricing

TMDHosting has various hosting plans with different configurations. It offers Web hosting, Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, Dedicated server hosting.  The pricing is not cheapest, its affordable. Each plan has from beginner to premium level users. The minimum price of the given plans are given below: 

Web hosting – $2.95/month, Cloud hosting – $5.95/month, WordPress hosting – $5.95/month, VPS hosting – $19.97/month, Reseller hosting – $19.97/month, Dedicated server – $79.97/month.

Domain Registration

TMDHOsting offers free domain registration and you need to buy a free domain while purchasing a hosting plan. They do not allow if you have any domain before. With the hosting plan and free domain registration, you will also get domain security tools also. 

Refund Policy

You may face problems such as server performance or uptime, or you may have better hosting plans than your existing hosting plan. In this case, you can get back your money following the hosting companies’ terms and policies. Like other hosting providers, TMDHosting is also providing a money-back guarantee for its customers. It allows 60 days money refund for Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and 30 days for VPS, Reseller, Dedicated Server Hosting. The small, medium and bigger, all types of hosting plans offer the same refund policy. In some cases, it will not refund the connection and additional fees. 

Web Security

TMDHosting prover company is very concerned about its client’s internet security and data privacy policy. It tries to protect the server where the files are hosted on with both the Cisco and Barracudas firewalls. For DDoS, TMDHosting has set Bitninja. Moreover, Apache web server and the PHP scripting language are used, sp that no one from the existing users can interfere with other information than his own. The virus and spam attacks are removed by the scanning tools. Additionally, Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol is also used to encrypt financial account information while billing. 

Data Backups

It is important to store data for any website owner. As multiple security issues like malware and spam attacks may occur in the internet platform, there is a chance to lose data accidentally. To avoid the problem, TMDHosting enables data backup service for the customers. You can daily backup your data without paying any charge. So, there will be no chance of any data loss.  

Customer Support

Facing the hosting problem is not a big deal for the customers. Because every hosting providers offer an exceptionally well 24/7 customer support for their valuable clients. TMDHosting is not different in this case. It offers knowledgebase, ticket, live chat, tutorials and emergency contact for asking technical support. You can also reach to the sales team, billing department and report problems through email or calling in their hotline numbers. 

cPanel Integrations 

For easy monitoring and operating your website, TMDHosting offers a customizable and user-friendly cPanel. You can monitor your site traffic, database files, customize security options, backup, privacy or billing etc with the cPanel. If you have no prior knowledge, you need not do worry because TMDHosting has makes the cPanel easy to use. Its customer support team is always ready to help you with tutorials or live chat answers for understanding the cPanel functionalities. 

Now, you go through the detailed TMDHosting review and you can understand which plan is perfect or you should move to another hosting. Before purchasing the plan, check the user’s review, server performance from your location, security and customer policy terms. If you are opening a blogger or business site and you are in need of a reliable web hosting solution, I will recommend checking TMDHosting. The decision is yours.

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