Verpex Review (2021): A Less Known Hero!

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

Verpex is a common name among web hosting users. With an average server uptime, wonderful load time and customer-friendly services, it has able to seek the customer’s attention within a short time.  From the very beginning, Verpex is liable for its services. Let’s check the detailed Verpex review. 

Complete Verpex review

Server Performance

At the beginning of the Verpex review, you must check its server performance and load speed. In my observation, Verpex has an outstanding load speed. The average load speed found 206 ms. 

Server Uptime and Reliability

Verpex claims to provide a 99.5% service uptime, excluding planned or emergency server maintenance or conditions beyond the reasonable control. Though most of the companies provide 99.9% average uptime. Verpex is different here. 

Server Locations

To provide you excellent load speed continuously, Verpex has built its own data centers in different locations of the world. The locations are New York, Sydney, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Frankfort, Bangalore, Singapore, Bahrain, Sau Paulo. Multiple servers are built in each location for providing proper speed even the traffic increases. Also, proper resources are available in the data centers for the continuous supply of services. 

Hosting Plans and Pricing

Another key part of Verpex review is its hosting plans and pricing. Verpex offers affordable hosting plans for beginners to intermediate level users. The plan includes various features regarding hosting and domain registration. Here are the minimum prices of each plan given below: 

Web Hosting – $3.99/month
Resellers – $14.99/month
Servers – $79.00/month

Domain Registration

While buying a hosting plan from Verpex, you can also buy a domain for your website. Verpex offers more than 200 domain extensions to its users. The starting price is $7.99/year. With the domain registration, you will also get powerful domain management, free anycast DNS and whois privacy to maintain a standard domain package. Moreover, by using Verpex bulk tools, you can easily transfer and manage your domain. The transfer may take 3-5 working days. 

Refund Policy

If you are thinking to cancel your plan for bad services or you are looking for a better plan, you can cancel your existing plan. Verpex allows a money-back guarantee in this regard. You will get 60 days money-back guarantee for your shared hosting plans. You will get a full refund including the day you used. Verpex does not allow refundable policy for domain services. 

Web Security

In online platforms, virus attack, malicious and spam attacks are increasing highly nowadays. Verpex is concerned about its customer’s data safety and site security. For this, it provides incident investigation and response, penetration testing, managed cybersecurity service, ISO 27001 Gap analysis and certification service, High-level cybersecurity strategy, SSL certificate, security auditing, information security policies, cyber training etc. All these features reduce vulnerabilities and Verpex security team is always ready to recover the infected system. 

Data Backups

To keep your data safe and secure, most of the companies provide a data backup service for its customers. While many of them provide free service, some offer it with charge. Verpex also has a data backup policy for its valuable customers. It offers a free backup policy and you can store all your database files, website info, credit card info etc. Moreover, Verpex uses the backup feature daily for two times. The files are kept for 30 days in the Verpex storage. Anytime you can restore them in 30 days. So, your data will be kept safe and private. Its security architecture is very strong and risk management is under control. 

Customer Support

Verpex has a good quality customer support service for providing suggestions to the customers instantly. It provides live chat, customer portal, Verpex cloud support and Phone support. The staff members are proactive and very friendly. Just ask them whatever you need and they are ready to hear your queries 24/7 regarding hosting. You will get rapid help and they will try to fix your problem within a minute. 

cPanel Integrations

For running a website, a user-friendly control panel or dashboard is required. Most of the hosting companies are using cPanel for monitoring their site. Verpex is following the same. It provides cPanel for managing website because it is easy and intuitive. Moreover, the cPanel allows a one-click installer, set up the plugin, themes, backup and other options. So, you should not worry about managing your site. Also, no prior knowledge is required to operate it. 

From the Verpex review, you can point out the preferable plans for your site. Check the server speed from your location, recheck the user feedbacks too. If you are just a newcomer to the hosting, Verpex is not recommended for you. To operate its control panel or use the configurations, some basic experience is required. So, pick up the best one for your website. 

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