Web Hosting Hub Review (2021): In Depth Analysis!

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

Web Hosting Hub provides effective costs, great customer support, and flexible shared hosting services perfect for startups and small businesses. It is providing support over 40,000 customers almost around the world. Moreover, the hosting company comes with unique plans and configurations for its customers. Let’s jump to the more detail-oriented parts of the Web Hosting Hub review. 

Complete Web Hosting Hub Review

Server Performance

Web Hosting Hub has an average load speed of 427 ms. Though its server performance does not always remain the same. Its starter plan may have below-average server performance, but when your website user increase, you can switch to premium based hosting plans.  

Server Up-time and Reliability

Web Hosting Hub has maintained an average uptime comparing to other hosting providers. Because of some technical reasons, their customers reviewed its uptime drops below 99.9%. Though Web Hosting Hub maintains overall 99.94% server uptime. They are providing reliable performance most of the time.

Server Locations

Web Hosting Hub has its own servers in Virginia Beach, VA, and Los Angeles, CA on the west and east coast. Though its main servers are in the USA, Web Hosting Hub provides perfect response time and reliable uptime to its  40,000 customers around the world. Another important fact is, their data centers are secured enough and prohibited to enter for general people. Moreover, authentication is required before entering the data centers. So, you need to do worry about it.  

Hosting Plans and Pricing

Another important part of Web Hosting Hub review is its plans and pricing. As you already know, its WordPress hosting plan has Spark, Nitro and Dynamo packages. The price of Spark is $ 5.99 /mo, Nitro plan price is $ 7.99 /mo and Dynamo plan price is $ 9.99 /mo.  

Domain Registration

Web Hosting Hub provides high-quality Domain services. It offers different categories of Domain including on .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz or .info. You can register a new domain at a minimum of $15.99/year. Sometime you will get special discounts. Web Hosting Hub also provides FREE Domain Locking, Automatic Domain renewal facilities to secure your domain information.

Refund Policy

Web Hosting Hub offers a flexible refund policy full 90-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their service or you have a better hosting configuration option, you can move to other plans without any risk. Web Hosting Hub will not bother you and refund the money. Though it will not refund you the service charge or administrative fee or domain registration fee. And after moving to another plan, you will also have the ownership of the domain. 

Web Security

In this part of the Web Hosting Hub review, I am going to brief about its security measures. Almost all the hosting providers take important precautions to secure their servers and customers’ websites. Web Hosting Hub has also taken many steps for security including Secure File Transfer Protocol, shortly known as SFTP that provides an additional layer of protection, Secure Sockets Layer for an encrypted path between the browser and web server, server maintenance for removing malicious or spam attacks. 

Data Backups

Web Hosting Hub is very concerned about securing its user’s data as well as the website files, database files etc. It offers an automated backup service for valuable customers. The backup works for all accounts under 10GB and automatically signs up every 24-36 hours. A minimum amount of charge is applicable for purchasing the data backup service. You can purchase your backup service for $12 per year. Web Hosting Hub shows all the procedures and steps in their site of activating the service.

Customer Support

One of the major parts of the Web Hosting Hub review is its 24/7 Customer support. Like other hosting providers, it offers Skype, Live Chat, Email, Ticketing center, Telephone to resolve customer’s problems instant. Sometimes they provide tutorials and docs if the problem is minor. Otherwise, Web Hosting Hub’s customer support team is always ready to help the customers. 

cPanel Integrations 

Web Hosting Hub offers a trusted and reliable control panel interface for its users. Its cPanel combines all the necessary tools, features, etc. The cPanel is very userfriendly. Web Hosting Hub cPanel includes backup solutions, default file manager and FTP flexibility, DNS editor, multiple Domain management, website stats, Unlimited Email with POP, IMAP, and SMTP and popular software support. If any of the clients has a problem regarding managing cPanel, Web Hosting Hub provides FREE zero-downtime cPanel transfers. 

As you go through the overall Web Hosting Hub review, you can now understand which plan is efficient and preferable for you. Check the ratings, plans and offers regularly, as the plans and configurations change quickly. Choose the best plan for your website and get the best performance from Web Hosting Hub.

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