WebHostingBuzz Review [2021]: Affordable Servers!

Last Updated on January 25, 2021

Hosting nearly 30 thousand customers with 35000 websites, WebHostingBuzz is one of the leading hosting service providers of recent times. It maintains recognition by providing excellent performance since 2002. Want to know detailed about it? Let’s check the WebHostingBuzz review for a better understanding.  

Complete WebHostingBuzz Review

Server Performance

One of the major features of WebHostingBuzz review is its server performance and load speed. WebHostingBuzz has a good server speed most of the time. The average speed is 184 ms. 

Server Uptime and Reliability

Most of the hosting companies try to maintain a decent server uptime for their customers. WebHostingBuzz also provides at least an average uptime of 99.9% throughout the year. The performance is reliable enough. 

Server Locations

For providing blazing fast speed to the customers worldwide, hosting companies built servers in different regions. The servers are secured enough and proper backup resources are allocated for the continuation of the services. WebHostingBuzz has servers in Atlanta and Phoenix. The servers provide good quality services to customers worldwide. No outsiders are allowed to enter the service centers. 

Hosting Plans and Pricing

Hosting companies offer various types of plans for different categories of users.  The plans have different configurations which are estimated according to the customer’s demand. WebHostingBuzz offers multiple hosting plans such as web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting plans. The minimum prices of each plan are given below: 

Web Hosting Plan – $4.99/month
Reseller Hosting Plan – $12.99/month
VPS Hosting Plan – $14.95/month
Dedicated Server Plan – $119.00/month

Domain Registration

A special but simple domain name allows the website owners to get a successful search result. Some hosting companies provide free registration of domain names with a hosting package. Also, some do not sell a domain name but have a domain transfer DNS management system and domain protection tools. WebHostingBuzz offers free and paid domain names. You can register a free domain with a hosting plan. The minimum price of a domain is $7.58/year. The domain lock feature is provided to prevent any changes to the Nameserver information and will automatically reject any registrar transfer requests. 

Refund Policy

Users may not be happy with the current hosting service, or you may have a better hosting service than the available one. You want to move to the better ones, but you’ve already paid advanced money for your plan. In this scenario, hosting companies offer customers a money-back guarantee. They are refunding the money for the unused portion of their service. WebHostingBuzz provides a 45-day money-back guarantee for web hosting, business or reseller hosting accounts. Also, it allows 30 days refund policy for the VPS plans. 

Web Security

Because security issues continue to arise, every hosting company is taking a variety of security steps. Security tools are modern enough to secure your web. To prevent virus attacks, spam attacks and remove the vulnerabilities,  WebHostingBuzz offers SSL or TLS certificate, Open source web security firewall ModSecurity, Malware or Spam protection tool ClamAV and SpamAssassin, Phishing scheme etc. The security tools create an encrypted link between your website and the user, securing the sensitive information that passes through it. The minimum price of an SSL certificate is $12.95/year. 

Data Backups

Data backup is another crucial element of the WebHostingBuzz review. Data also needs to be backed up as there is a danger of malware attacks, spam attacks and identity theft. As a result, such data will be spilled and a lot of stuff may be missed as it is one of the worst nightmares. WebHostingBuzz offers to store the entire site, a partial backup, and restore it from the backup that was previously saved directly from your web hosting account. The cPanel backup service helps to mitigate data loss. 

Customer Support

You may often face problems when using your hosting service. Problems are very common regarding billing, setting features, installation, etc. Hosting companies provide a proactive and dedicated customer support team. WebHostingBuzz also offers a customer support team. You can contact through live chat, online ticket platforms. You also get knowledgebase for getting better answers. 

cPanel Integrations 

The monitoring and management of the website are essential for site owners. An easy-to-use control panel is needed for this. Many hosting companies provide cPanel as a user-friendly interface. WebHostingBuzz provides a user-friendly cPanel interface for getting all the features in a single place. The cPanel allows you to add, drop, update the files and information and you can activate services which one you want.  

 After following a comprehensive WebHostingBuzz review, you are now able to understand its key features and guidelines. Check the customer rating feedback. Also, check your location for speed and server results. Compare the configuration with similar hosting plans. Comparing the prices, server performance, policies and configurations, the plan is highly recommended for beginners and medium-level users. 

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