WebHostingPad Review (2021): Launch Your Website!

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

Are you thinking to buy hosting plans from WebHostingPad? It is a common name among the US-based hosting users. With great load time, it offers multiple hosting plans with customer-friendly terms on services. To clear your confusion, I am going to brief you on the WebHostingPad review in detail. 

Complete WebHostingPad Review

Server Performance

The primary feature of WebHostingPad review is its server performance and load time. In recent observations, I found WebHostingPad has a good load time. It maintains an average of 302 ms load time.

Server Uptime and Reliability

In recent months, WebHostingPad has maintained a good server uptime. Its uptime is an average of 99.9%. Though they ensure that, their uptime will not drop below 99.9%. Sometimes low internet resource leads to downtime and WebHostingPad’s support team tries to fix it immediately. 

Server Locations

WebHostingPad has only one data center in Chicago, USA. The data center is 24/7 monitored and no outsiders are allowed without user identity. WebHostingPad provides HVAC ventilation systems, 48 hours of generator fuel backup, UPS and additional backup tools. These will help to stay up while power cuts and eradicate other unwanted occurrences. 

Hosting Plans and Pricing

WebHostingPad offers various hosting plans at an affordable price. The plans include WordPress hosting, VPS hosting and VPS hosting. Each plan is divided into different levels for different users. The price depends on the configurations and users’ demands regarding the features. Also, you can build a website for free. Let’s check the minimum price of each plan.

WordPress Hosting – $2.99/month
VPS Hosting – $19.95/month
Web Hosting – $1.99/month

Domain Registration

Another important feature of WebHostingPad review is its domain registration policy. You need to register a perfect domain related to your website. So, the domain name needs to be unique. WebHostingPad offers free domain registration for the customers. But with the domain, you need to buy a hosting plan for at least 1 year. The free domain offer extends only for .com, .net, and .us TLDs. You will be given a coupon code for getting your first-year domain registration free. WebHostingPad has hundreds of domain extensions available. The domain registration price varies on domain extensions. Renewal fees and transfer fees are also applicable in some terms and policies. For more security, domain protection tools are also enabled. 

Refund Policy

You may not like the service of WebHostingPad or you may have a better plan for your website hosting. WebHostingPad allows 30 days of money-back guarantee for all of its plans. The day count starts when you set up your plan. The money-back-guarantee does not apply to renewals, addons, site transfer fees, service charges, cancellation fees, or domain name registrations or renewals. Moreover, if you pay hosting fees from your PayPal account, it will be non-refundable too. Additionally, If any account is found that breaks of WebHostingPad’s Abuse Terms or General Terms of Service, that is not entitled to a refund.

Web Security

To provide you extraordinary web security, WebHostingPad enables the Sitelock security feature. Sitelock will automatically scan for malware, automatically removes malware, external network scanning, managing domain reputation, scanning SSL certificate security and encryption,. Moreover, a 360-degree site scan, risk score management,  cross-site scripting scan is also provided by the Sitelock security tool. You can buy each Sitelock tool for $24.95 / year. As a result, your site will remain active and there will be no risk of spam or virus attack. 

Data Backups

To ensure your site’s backup WebHostingPad has a different data backup policy. If you use a premium backup policy and your account is active, WebHostingPad will take weekly backups of your site. You can restore anytime from anywhere. They are not responsible if your account or service has been suspended, left unpaid, terminated, or otherwise rendered inaccessible. Or, if you do not have a premium backup policy, WebHostingPad takes monthly backups of all sites under 3GB total and the accounts are registered, active, paid and in good standing. If your site exceeds the 3GB storage, WebHostingPad will not take backups. Moreover, If your account disabled, you need to activate it in 30 days. For active accounts, a one-time fee of $39.95need to be paid. Then, WebHostingPad’s team restore any backup that may be available for you. 

Customer Support

If you need help with your hosting, email, or domain, you can contact with WebHostingPad’s customer support team. Its customer support team is very friendly and dedicated. You will get an instant response from the team. When you face a problem you can contact them through submitting online tickets, LiveChat, and emergency contact. Moreover, they have the knowledge base and  FAQ section for reviewing the queries immediately. The staffs are very skilled to guide you in a proper way. 

cPanel Integrations 

For managing your WebHostingPad site, there is a control panel that is powered by cPanel. Its interface is very easy to monitor and no prior knowledge is required to operate. You can select your backup services, security, webmails, and viewers’ statics analysis. Open any browser that you like to use and search for cPanel. While the first time log in, you will get important notifications and guidelines. If you need more assistance, you can message to WebHostingPad’s customer service. 

As you see the detailed WebHostingPad review, you are now able to pick the perfect plan which one is preferable for your site. Check the recent reviews and ratings of customers and server performance from your location as it varies from place to place. Reviewing its features, I think WebHostingPad can be recommended for the users of the US region. 

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