WP Engine Review (2021): Officially Recommended

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

With 70,000+ customers across 130+ countries worldwide, WP Engine hosting company is serving more than 2.8 billion requests every single day. It is a renowned company that ensures excellent speed, web security and flexible customer policy. To any enterprise-level users, WP Engine is a common name because of its configurations. Before purchasing the hosting, go through the detailed WP Engine review. 

Complete WP Engine Review

Server Performance

One of the key notch features of WP Engine review is its Server performance. It has maintained a blazing fast load speed on average 196 ms. 

Server Uptime and Reliability

WP Engine has maintained almost perfect server uptime. Its average uptime is 99.98%. Most of the time it notifies to customers if the server went down and after installation WP Engine fix the issues instantly. You must get reliable performance from them. 

Server Locations

WP Engine is providing hosting services over 130 countries worldwide. To ensure fantastic load speed and server performance, WP Engine built its data centers in different locations of London, Sydney, and Frankfurt. By giving priorities to performance, security, compliance, and data protection, the authorities are always ready with the backup resources. When the internet connection goes down or electricity cut, the backup tools will help to continue the service.

Hosting Plans and Pricing

Another important feature of WP Engine review is the hosting plans and pricing. As you already know WP Engine offers managed hosting, the price is a little bit different from most other WordPress hosting providers but affordable compared to many other managed hosting providers. Providing a minimum of 25000 visits/month, 10 GB storage, 50 GB bandwidth/month of configurations, the starting price for the plan is $25.00/month. 

Domain Registration

Before starting a website a unique domain name is required. WP Engine offers easy domain registration policy for the customers and also it offers various TLDs and domain extensions. Within ten minutes, you can buy a new domain for your site. Most of the domains of WP Engine are affordable and the range of prices is $10 to $20. With the domain name, WP Engine also offers domain privacy options for securing your domain info and preventing identity theft. They also kept the renewal price in range So that, the users can continue with WP Engine even after the contract ends.  

Refund Policy

In this part of the WP Engine review, I am going to talk about its refund policy. As it is a managed WordPress hosting company and you paid a little bit more money for your hosting, you are not getting an efficient performance. So, you have to cancel your plan immediately. If you cancel your plan within 60 days after purchase, you will get your money back. WP Engine allows 60 days money refund policy for the customer’s reliability. Don,t worry about your money. 

Web Security

Security is a big issue on internet platforms. For providing excellent security for the website users and the viewers, WP Engine is ready with many advanced precautions. The security measures include choosing plugins and themes carefully, using two-factor authentication, adhere least prioritized principles, proactive security and monitoring of virus, spam and malicious activities, staying up to date with new tools. Statistics showed that almost in 55.9% cases the plugin vulnerabilities are the reason for decreasing site security. Auto virus detection and removal tools make securing functionality faster. 

Data Backups

Storing and privacy of data is one of the biggest concerns of a hosting company. WP Engine is not different in this case too. It offers both automatic and manual data backup to protect your data. Automated restoration and downloaded or copied data procedures also accelerated because of the data backup policy. The backups are stored offsite on Amazon S3 and are encrypted in transit. You can also have Backup points to restore your older data. Logging in to the User Portal and click on Backup Points and follow the instructions to store your data.  

Customer Support

It is a common thing to face problems while monitoring a website. So, every hosting company has a customer support team for answering the queries of the customers. WP Engine is doing the same. Its customer support team is very proactive and they are ready 24/7 to hear from you. You can contact their team through emergency contact number, Live chat, online ticket. Moreover, WP Engine also has a FAQ section where you can ask a question related to billing or sales. Any types of problems troubleshoot, setting up a site or WordPress site, the customer support team is ready with their expert suggestions. 

cPanel Integrations

Managing a website for beginners and advanced users is not a tough task. But it is important to manage the website perfectly. Otherwise, you will not get good feedback from the viewers. Most of the hosting providers offer cPanel os Plesk for managing websites. On the other hand, WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting company and cPanel is quite unnecessary here. They recommended using Proprietary Control Panel. The layout is intuitive and well organized. The list of navigation links, various tools and settings options are set on the left side of the dashboard. So, you do not need any prior knowledge to operate your site. 

After analyzing the WP Engine review, you are now able to compare among the plans and configurations from your list of favorite hostings. If you have no problem with its pricing, you can go ahead with the plans. Check the recent reviews of customers and ratings too. Also, check the server speed from your location. Pick the best-managed WordPress hosting for your site. 

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